Saturday, December 31, 2011

the year in review

Of course, my kids and hubby achieved a variety of amazing things this past year, but I'm going to be 'self centered' and focus on the big things that impacted me in 2011 as we edge closer to a new year.

The biggest thing was my return to the paid workforce in April. After a brief and soul numbing stint at a regional bank, I landed a sweet job with a national science nonprofit. Thank goodness for that Big Ten degree, which, according to my boss, sealed the deal. I have perfect hours, a nice office, friendly coworkers and a boss who gets my Yankee humor and can talk basketball with the best of them. I. Lucked. Out. BIG TIME. Being thankful doesn't even begin to cover how I feel.

I wrapped up my two year role as president of the Friends of the Library. As a group, we continued to make money and supported our mission to have the best Library in the region. I've never been happier and so sad to have a 'job' end. It was time to move on, but what a wonderful experience the Friends were for me. And, I can still help them, in my own way, by doing their electronic newsletter and organizing the publicity for the book sales.

Even with my return to the workforce, I still managed to read over 50 books in 2011. No where near my high total of 100 titles, but a respectable number considering my obligations.  And I'm entering the new year with a brand new Nook Tablet, thanks to my sweet hubby.

The year ahead will bring new challenges and adventures; opportunities for growth and learning. But, I'm in a good place as are the kids and hubby. 2011 is almost one for the books and 2012 is itching to roll on into our lives.

Time to begin anew. A new chance to get it, or at least most of it, right!

Monday, December 26, 2011

welcome to the world of the e-reader

Hubby shocked me with a brand new, shiny, spiffy, totally cool Nook Tablet for Christmas. Sooooo excited. Updates on my adventures with this new gadget as we move along. I've already downloaded two free YA books. Very cool. Very grateful.

Happy Boxing Day!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

the never ending to do list

Some to do lists truly never end. I woke yesterday way too early considering I had stayed up keeping and ear and an occasional eye on the dozen teenagers here for the oldest kid's Christmas/Dirty Santa party. I ventured to the dreaded grocery store by 9:00 and was in a total Scrooge like mood by the time I was home at 10:00. Sigh.

I managed to get the laundry under control, although I still have bedding to wash today. I managed to get muffins, coffee cake, dinner, Christmas Eve bread and assorted other things baked, made and put away. I cleaned and organized the fridge so I'd have places for all this stuff. Today I have some white chicken chili to make as well as a queso dip for the hubby's office lunch. I also have the pick up the middle kid from a sleepover/party and get her to the mall to purchase one last item. My reward for that is a trip to B&N as they sent me a lovely 25% off anything coupon....I need to 'save' some money!!

Oh, yes, lots to do and not enough time to do it. Don't we just love the holidays?? I fell asleep last night at 8:30 and woke today at 4:30.

On the bright side...I finished the Sharon Kay Penman book, "Lionheart".  Gosh, nobody does the Angevins like she does. I loved her characterization of Richard. Up next is a Phillipa Gregory novel, another wonderful historical fiction writer. I think the title is "The Lady of the Rivers." I'm being to lazy at the moment to double check that.

This might be my last blog post until after Christmas and our house guests depart....and in that event, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the elves, day three

Socks. Yep.  I always give them socks in their little Christmas joke with them. This year, I didn't like the selection of holiday themed socks at Target, so I opted for some really soft pastel knee highs for the girls and a nice pair of dress socks for the boy.  He usually manages, at least  two out of four Sundays, to come down for church with a nice pair of pants, a nice shirt and white athletic socks on his feet. I hope that adding one more pair of dark colored dress socks will even the odds a bit. Boys!

Work is going to go slow today. We have cleared our plates of the bulk of the work we wanted to do and are down to fine tuning, which, can move along at a snail's pace. I'm so sick of anurans (frogs), their habitats, distribution, calls, photos etc that I can hardly stand to open the authoring software we are using to convert this course's content. My boss is right along with me in the "NO MORE FREAKING FROGS" boat. Ha ha.

But yesterday was okay, and I learned something too, which is always a bonus. My friends over in the Communications Dept were enjoying some Dunkin Donuts and offered me one. I selected a classic glazed donut and was not impressed. Either I remember DDs to be better than they ever were, or they've changed their recipe. I'd rather not waste the calories on another one of their pastries. But, donut quality aside, it was fun to be included.....I'm a lone wolf at work as we are a department of two and half of us works in Wisconsin.

But, today is my Friday....and I'm looking forward to 5 days off. I may blog, I may not, so just in case, here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas full of peace, joy and love.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the elves, day two

So, I'm a sucker for holiday packaging. I love to wrap boxes and put beautiful ribbon on them. I very seldom use gift bags.....yes, I'm a packaging snob.  I know the paper and the ribbon winds up in the trash, but for me, the LOOK of the gift provides a certain thrill. My main wrapping paper this year came from Hobby Lobby. It is a nice quality paper, complete with cutting guidelines on the reverse side. I chose a red background with white snowflakes. Lovely. Looks great with red, white or even green ribbon. I opted for curling ribbon this year as I had plenty of black fabric ribbon from last year. I do need to replenish my plaid wire edged and red or white tulle ribbon this week.

See. It is sort of an addiction. Tee Hee!

In other Christmas news....the elves did their work and provided the kids with Limited Edition Christmas Oreos for today. Yum. That minty-chocolatey goodness was difficult to resist, but I managed to get all the cookies into baggies and into the stockings.

The food treats end today and we move on to other 'prezzies' for the kids.

Feeling quite accomplished this morning as I managed to get in and out of the dreaded, hated, grocery store yesterday in just under an hour. It would have been a shorter visit, but I saw one of my kids' favorite teachers and had to stop and chat with her. Her daughter is the same age as my oldest and they played soccer together back in elementary school. She went on to teach the middle kid science and now teaches the youngest kid reading. Fabulous teacher!

I also made a trip to the library to donate some books. I ventured to Chick-fil-a and negotiated a swap on an auction item we purchased (a child's b-day party) for trays of food we can serve at the oldest's Dirty Santa party this week. Booya!  I also ran several other errands and was home by 4:00! I cooked dinner, made cookie dough and then enjoyed an icy, cold Newcastle while playing some mindless game on facebook.

Yep. All in a days work. This Elf is on a roll!!  Enjoy your Tuesday.

Monday, December 19, 2011

the elves arrive today

Day One: two packets of Starbucks hot cocoa mix...the good stuff baby that requires milk, not water, to make. Rich, velvety cocoa with decadent bits of real dark chocolate blended right in.....yummmmmm.

The kids were a hoot yesterday, all three of them excited for the stockings to be visited by the Head Elf in Charge.

I have a three day work week ahead of me. Plus, I need to manage to get everything else done by Friday that needs doing. The kids have lists of chores to do for me. I have grocery lists made out to help keep me on track. Think I' ready. I think I can get it all done.

And if not, well, the world won't end!

Happy Monday.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas in c'ville

I love our town square and at Christmas it is such  a magical place. Our parks department does an incredible job of stringing lights thru the square and transforms the small park into a Christmas scene worthy of any Hallmark card.

Last night the oldest accompanied me to a Mistletoe Mixer that our Main Street association held. It was lovely; great food and good conversation. I even put a bid in on an item in the silent auction. I hope I win, but one of the local radio deejays was also interested in this snowman painting and could have outbid me at the last. I had to leave before the auction closed.

Tonight, hubby and I are headed to another event on the square. It is a dinner to raise funds for the museum they are creating in a restored church at the entrance to the 'downtown' area.  I had planned on taking the other daughter as the hubby was supposed to be out of town for work still. But, he drove home last night! Excited we can attend together

Hope your Christmas gatherings are joyful and fun......ours sure are shaping up to be just that this year!

Oh, and my Library Board Term.......three years!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the board

So......years ago the Friends had a very able and dynamic representative on our Town Library Board. However, after many years of dedicated service as a Friends officer and a Library Board member, this lovely lady decided to retire.

And we went for almost 3 years without representation on this governing body.

We will now have a voice: mine.

Yep, I applied and was appointed to the Town's Library Board.  This could be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire......but, I don't think it will be.  Although my first order of business is going to GUILT the other board members into joining the Friends. Not a single one is a member and I seriously doubt they even know what we do each year: like donate thousands of hours and thousands of dollars.

I'm on a mission. Again.  Life is GOOD!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the elves

Back when my kiddoes were very little, I began to put small items into their stockings on the days leading up to Christmas. Only one item each day and they items were usually inexpensive, practical things. They were always so excited when the 'elves' came early and it gave them something to soothe the excitement as the build up to the Santa-man continued.

The elves have continued to deliver, although now they ask me when the Elf will start bringing gifts! This year it is the Monday before Christmas.

I have my items all sorted by day, each stocking stuffer building up to the ultimate stuffer for Christmas morning. I love finding just the right things for those three stockings.

Along with my coded gift wrapping system, it is one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas in Nemacolin

As we are having company for Christmas this year, I've been noodling (no pun intended) over what we will be serving those 4-5 days. I like to have the menu planned out...all three meals and snacks. Works better for me and I will not apologize for my OCD nature when it comes to my kitchen, pantry, fridge or freezer!

These thoughts stirred up memories of Christmas food from years gone by. It seems my friend Kim has also been walking down a version of holiday food memory lane too as her blog just began to 'discuss' the same topic.

Writing Space has a great entry on chess pie, one of our favorites as my son adores pie and will request two pies instead of birthday cake.

My food memory for today involves my Grandma H. She lived in the coal country region of Pennsylvania and could bake like no other woman I've ever known. She would fill the top of an entire picnic table with nut rolls, cookies, apricot rolls, poppy seed rolls (we grew up calling them kolach) as well as kieflies and other Eastern-European delicacies. Yum.  I swear I could gain 5 pounds just thinking about those treats.

The only part I hated was when I was sent to the basement to get things to refill the platters upstairs. I hated her was dark and old and creepy. Even as an adult I had a totally irrational fear that the 'bogey-man' lived in the bottom of that house!

I think the only time I felt safe down there was if she was down there with me!

My Grandma H has been gone for several years now, but Christmas in her home was one of the highlights of my childhood. Being with my cousins, a group of my aunts and uncles gathered around her dining room table in her little home, going to midnight Mass all dressed up in a fancy dress, tights and patten leather shoes....fantastic memories. I also have stories, things I've been told that happened when I was so little I don't have a true memory. Like when my Grandfather 'wrestled' Santa for more presents for me!

Christmas in Nemacolin.......I think we probably only spent, at most, 6 of them there, but what wonderful memories I have!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

fond farewells

I conducted my final meeting yesterday as President of our Friends of the Library group. All was well until I began to thank my officers. I got choked up, teary eyed and could hardly speak! I stumbled through and after the meeting was hugged by just about each of the 23 folks in attendance.

The past four years were filled with such good times, lots of hard work, and so many laughs. As bookstore manager then as President, volunteering with this group was never dull!!

But, a chapter has closed and I know I'm leaving the reins in great hands. Time to move on down the road.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the perfect snow.....a few days early

We have snow this morning. Beautiful white fluffy snow covering everything but the streets and walks. Mother Nature filled my order a few days early as this would be such a treat for Christmas morning. But, we will take what we can get and enjoy the snowflakes while they are falling.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow............

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

books into movies

Just saw where Anne Rice posted that her book, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, will be made into a movie. She seems thrilled with the husband and wife team who have adapted the novel into a screenplay and just as excited about the fact that Christopher Columbus is directing it.

I've never gotten over the fact Hollywood cast Tom Cruise as Lestat. Blech. Even though Interview with the Vampire was a much better movie than Queen of the Damned, I thought Stewart Townsend did a wonderful job as Lestat.

The Hunger Games will be coming to the big screen soon and I'm anxious to see how that book translates into a movie. I was pleased with the choice of actress for Katniss.

Books into movies.....I was never a fan until they brought the Harry Potter ones to life on the big screen. It can be done, and it can be done well.

Here's wishing Anne Rice good luck with this transformation!

Monday, December 5, 2011

wasted week

After I blogged last, I headed off for work. Once there, I felt progressively worse, but made it through the day and came home to learn I had a 101.9 fever going. I climbed into bed and stayed there except for a brief foray to the doctor's office ( hubby had to take me) to learn I had caught one very nasty virus. I lost the whole week and the weekend to this bad-boy of a bug. I don't think I've ever been that ill as an adult. Ever.

But, I hope I've turned the corner for good and am able to function at 50% of my normal pace for today. That would be a start. I'm going to work. I don't want to lose any more of my PTO days to illness. I'd much rather take them when I'm healthy and can do something besides sleep.

The middle daughter assembled the tree yesterday and with the help of her sibs, got it decorated. The house is somewhat decked out for Christmas. Hubby did the grocery shopping yesterday. So, all in all, we are in decent shape for the week.

Wednesday is my last Friends meeting as president. Yippee!!  I will be glad to have those duties behind me. Time to move on and all that.

Happy Monday

Monday, November 28, 2011

let the mad dash begin

We had an awesome trip to Florida and enjoyed visiting with everyone. But, like all good things, that vacation is now over and it is time to move on into Christmas preparations. We have a house to decorate, gifts to buy and wrap, cards to send and plenty of other things to do.

Today will be make the BIG list day. Then we will have a place to start. But, first, I need a cup of coffee. Pronto.

Happy Monday, whether you do any cyber shopping or not.....enjoy the day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

turkey hash

Thanksgiving is coming! Thanksgiving is coming!  I'm super excited about the holiday this year. We're heading south to visit my folks and my brother and his family.

I've managed to get some Friends of the Library work completed as my presidency winds down. I've gone through the policy manual with the new president. I sent out the book club list to the gal at B&N so we can purchase the 12 titles for 2012. I've created and sent two Constant Contact newsletters this month. Things are getting done! Whoop!

But, this year, my Christmas shopping isn't done. I always try and have the majority of it completed prior to Thanksgiving so I can enjoy December without having to even think about buying a gift. I have nothing done...nothing, zero, zilch, zip. Ugh.

The house won't be decorated until, gulp, December.

For now, however, I'm not going to dwell on what isn't done and focus on what is and wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Feast, laugh, enjoy this holiday and  be thankful.

Monday, November 21, 2011

look a roo

I popped into the library and tried to check out Lionheart so I could finish it. Of course, it wasn't there and knowing we are heading out of town for the holiday, I didn't bother to put a hold on it. Will have to do that once we get back into town. Instead I picked up two other titles, both of them from authors who are new to me. The first one, "Those Across the River" is a debut novel from Christopher Buehlman. I picked it up off the table solely because Charlaine Harris blurbed it on the front cover. I've seldom been steered wrong when one of my favorite authors gives an endorsement that makes the book jacket.

Interesting read. An American horror story set in the south just after World War I.  Some beautiful writing in this novel and an interesting take on what the residents of Whitbrow call a 'look a roo'. I read this one in an afternoon and enjoyed the story.

I also picked up another Elizabethan murder mystery novel, this time featuring John Shakespeare as the sleuth hired by Wm. Cecil to work on behalf of the Queen.

The book club at the library has selected their 12 titles for 2012 and I need to get over to B&N today or tomorrow and place that order. Some interesting selections, as always, from this group.

It is Thanksgiving week, which is hard to believe. The year is slipping away and the holiday season is upon us.  Enjoy your Monday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

fairy tales: on a big or little screen near you

We've had vampires, werewolves and assorted other 'monsters' in our homes courtesy of Hollywood for several years now. Decades, really. Those creatures of the night are quite expected to pop up on the movie screen or the TV screen each season.

Yet this year brought two new TV series featuring strong fairy tale themes. "Once Upon a Time" takes the classic fairy tales we all know and love, twists them around and offers some new fresh ideas. "Grimm" is less fairy tale-esque and more like a revamped "Buffy", which makes sense as some of the same folks are involved in the new show, but we have a strong link to, the Brothers Grimm.

Then hop over to the big screen and two new movies are coming out with the legendary wicked queen played by Julia Roberts in one film and Charlize Theron in the other.

Snow White is getting a lot of love this season!

So, why? Why all of a sudden is this fairy tale theme exploding into popularity? Did the vampires and werewolves pave the way? Fairy tales have always been with us, and of course, Disney rolls out these characters on a regular basis, but Snow White is going mainstream and is now visually marketed to the folks who read the fantasy, sci-fi and urban fantasy books filling our libraries and bookstores.

Is it a return to the 'gothic' as my MFA candidate coworker suggested at work yesterday? As in most things, what is old is new again. I'm glad fairy tales are getting their moment, again.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the tag team....yes, you are it.

My boss is coming into town in December and will be meeting with the head of the marketing department and the Director of the whole enchilada about next year's conventions. Which ones can we attend?  Will they send both of us? Both conventions he has targeted are going to be held in my 'home' state's capital....which could be very fun!

In other news.....hubby and I attended the Town's 'thank you' reception last night for all those volunteers serving on the various Boards. Same faces year after year, but it is always a good time to see all of those folks in one place. We were both asked if we were going to run for office next year! Uh, NO!  I may, however, fill out a volunteer application to be appointed to a board. Maybe. I'm thinking about it. Seriously. Someone slap some sense into me!! Please!!

While I was gone on my trip I read "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand" by Helen Simonson. It was a delightful, easy to read debut novel. I also started reading the latest from Sharon Kay Penman, "Lionheart." No one does the Devil's Brood like Penman; she captures Henry, Eleanor and the gang the best of any historical fiction writer I've ever read.  Unfortunately, I had to return it before I finished it. I must get back over there and check it out again; I wrote down the page number where I had to stop reading.

Up for tomorrow....the fantastic trend in TV this year: fairy tales!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the good, the bad and the ugly of dining alone

On my recent trip, as I was sent to work this convention all by my lonesome, I had to declare my 'party of one' status on multiple occasions.  The first night I chose a brew-pub restaurant. After traveling most of the day, and spending a frustrating and sweaty hour setting up our booth, I needed a beer. Pubs are one place that solo diners/drinkers are not out of place. I was given a lovely booth, proceeded to enjoy a good meal, a great beer and several pages of "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand".  I was tired, a bit grumpy and in no mood for conversation as my ears were plugged from the flights and the head cold that I'd brought with me from home.

The second night I chose a chain Italian place I'd never eaten in before.....don't bother with Spaghetti Warehouses for their food, but the decor is stunning.  A whole bunch of educators were in the lobby of this establishment waiting for the golden 5:00 pm hour so they could be seated.  A few groups ahead of me, I overheard another lady say she was alone. When I made it into the dining room, they had placed her at a nasty two person table stuck back in a corner while I was given a nice 4 person table by the window. I, of course, asked her to join me, which she did. We had a lovely time getting to know each other over a mediocre meal. It was nice to 'break bread' with someone else.

By the time Friday rolled around my voice was toast - a combination of the lingering cold and talking for two days straight. I had selected a really nice place for dinner, a lovely bistro with an up and coming chef. I settled into my table, the waiter was a pro and made me feel comfortable. I had a great steak meal, a nice glass of wine and a fabulous apple cider creme brulee for dessert. All was well until the bistro started filling up with groups going to the college basketball game. Being the only party of one in an entire room is a bit daunting. I had left my book at the hotel and had to settle for people watching as I enjoyed my meal. The waiter was quick to pick up on my need to depart quickly, I'm sure he was also eager to sit two people in the space I occupied.

The good, the bad and the ugly of dining alone. Well, it is often the perfect ending to a hectic day. It can also be a very lonely experience when surrounded by groups of folks happy to celebrate Friday and an impending basketball game. It can be an opportunity to meet other people as I did on Thursday.

Monday, November 14, 2011

home again, home again

Ahhhhhh. There is nothing better than coming home. Not even good chocolate. The whole family was waiting for me at the airport when I arrived back from my trip to L'ville.  Love them!!!

The trip was very interesting and I took some time Saturday morning and jotted down several things about the convention and the overall experience to share in a blog post. But, at the moment, I'm just not in the mood to revisit those observations.

So, instead, I'm going to brag a bit on the good things that happened here at home while I was away. The oldest got yet another scholarship from the big SEC school to the east. Whoop!  She also won two awards at the soccer banquet. Whoop!  The youngest is almost caught up on his work from his seven sick days. Yeah! The middle kid finally found a pair of heels for the NHS induction. Yippee!  The house was clean, the laundry done and all in order when I arrived home. YES!! My dog finally stopped giving me the cold shoulder for leaving him by Sunday afternoon. Tee-hee!

Very good things, and being gone for 3.5 days made me appreciate all of it so much more.

Happy Monday.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the art of the cover up

You find 'it' in book plots all the time. A terrible deed is done. The cover up ensues. The dashing hero or heroine unravels the mystery and the culprits are revealed and brought to justice. When someone manages to get away with 'it', we call that a plot twist!

'It' almost always comes out. I guess it is the temptation of getting away with 'it' that keeps people trying to cover up misdeeds. From toddlers to politicians, are we just hardwired to cover up our mistakes and foolishly think no one will ever know? Hush money is never enough, even if the check came with a contract.

In other news.....I jet off tomorrow for another Ville and a convention. Not going to try and cover up the fact I've never done this before - traveled for work or staffed a booth at a convention. It should be quite an adventure for me as I have NO idea of what to expect.

So, this is my last post for this week, but come next Monday I should have a variety of interesting things to share!

Monday, November 7, 2011

a whirl of wind

The last ten days has been a bit chaotic. Between soccer and the sick boy, our normal routine was pitched out the window and replaced with......randomness on a gigantic scale. I am a creature of habit and to have my days turned topsy turvy just isn't my cuppa. Throw into this mix our 'falling back' clocks due to the time change, UGH.

But, the soccer girlies made it home on Friday. The boy was diagnosed with pneumonia on Thursday and given the correct medicine. He is on the mend now, thank goodness! The pantry was kind of restocked on Saturday. Hubby got a round of golf in and I sort of regained my grip on the huge training manual I'm creating for the next Friends president.

So, even in the midst of the chaos, we all managed to get things done. The boy even started to chip away, assignment by assignment, at the mountain of homework he must complete after being out of school for 7 class days.

Starting today, everyone should be back in their places for the most part. I'm working today and then have tomorrow off in preparation for my departure to the convention I'm working later this week.

Happy is to blessed, normal, boring routines, we never appreciate them until they are gone!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

and the cleats and gloves come off

My darling soccer girls ended their season after 110 minutes with a 2-0 loss. Yes, 110 minutes. It was 0-0 at the end of regulation and overtime play kicked into effect.  One of the mom's, she helps moderate our booster club facebook page with me, posted that we had two defensive miscues within 5 minutes and the other team capitalized.

Hubby said the team played their hearts out, but sometimes that isn't enough to win the game.

As of this morning, I'm no longer the goalie's mom. She says she wants to play for fun, and not in the goal....on the field.

After 12 years of soccer with this child, half of those years on competitive teams, a chapter has ended. I can't help but think about all the times I've watched her warm up, diving for balls, getting ready for a game.

I love you, Miss J -- my goalie girl. xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

friends of the library

When I left the Library's staff almost 5 years ago, the president of the Friends grabbed me and set me to work. I've been working for them ever since. First up was to create from scratch our used bookstore and then to manage it for two years. Then I was elected president of the group.

Those four years flew by. The election of the officers for the 2012-2013 term is today. It is now time to downsize my involvement and pass the reins off to some new folks. I will continue to handle their marketing efforts, submit a story or two to the newspapers and take care of their monthly emailed newsletter. All work I can do from the comfort of my kitchen in my spare time.

Going back into the paid workforce when I did was not in our original plan, but several things necessitated an early entry into the world of paychecks. My new employer was supportive of my wish to finish out my term and allowed me to preside over the meetings until my term ended. I'm so grateful for that.

But, now things are winding down and I'm wrapping up a variety of loose ends. If you have a library in your town and you have a Friends group, by all means, get involved in whatever capacity you can manage. Library budgets are woefully underfunded and the Friends groups around the country are often the ones who pick up the slack when it comes to money for materials and programs.

It has been a joy to be as involved as I've been with our group. I've made some wonderful friends while volunteering in a rewarding way. I've learned a lot about myself and about leading such a diverse group of people.

If I could rewind the clock, I'd do it all over again.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the halloween that wasn't

We never bought and carved a pumpkin this year. None of the kids went out to trick or treat. We had candy left over when I turned the porch light off at 8:30. And that leftover candy is easy to resist as it doesn't contain  any chocolate.

It was the Halloween that wasn't this year.

With the youngest feeling under the weather (he has an upper respiratory infection and is now on a Z-pack) our Halloween plans never took off.  The girls were busy packing for the state tournament. Hubby worked late and I was pretty exhausted after a busy day at work followed by a flurry of house cleaning when I arrived home.

On the plus side, no bowl of chocolaty goodness to tempt me into eating all the mini Snickers/Hersheys/M&Ms I can lay my hands on. Also on the plus side, we now have a slate of candidates for our Friends officers and will vote on them Wednesday!

And I have a new Sharon Kay Penman book to read on my trip next week. Penman is the best, in my opinion, at bringing Henry and Eleanor's brood to life. This new novel is all about the Lionheart, Richard. Historical, yummy goodness.

It might not be a candy bar, but it will still make me happy!

Monday, October 31, 2011

mixed bag

The soccer girls won their sub-state game and will head off to play in the state tournament! Woot!!  No overtime this year was required to defeat the other team, and we walked off the field with a decisive 2-0 victory. Both girlies are going, both will be sitting the bench, and I hope they have a blast. Sister bonding time framed by soccer...those moments are winding down for them and this will be the last one they share.

In other news, the 2012-2013 leadership for the Friends is still in a bit of a mess. I met Friday with some of the current officers and some of the nominating committee and we managed to identify 13 members who could run the group. The list was handed off to the past president as she was tapped to make those calls. She got to #3 on the list, who is still thinking about it after emailing me and asking for more information. Which, I provided in great detail yesterday morning. No word back yet. BUT, we do have an ace up our sleeves as one of gals on the nominating committee volunteered to serve and is willing to serve.

We went from zero to possibly two candidates. High grade problem to have.  I have faith it will all sort itself out...hopefully before 1:00 on Wednesday.

The boy, who seemed to be so much on the mend Friday that I canceled his doctor's appointment,  spiked a fever last night and will be home from school yet again. UGH. Hubby is fielding this one, but I need to see what I can do about missing work on Tuesday if needed. Good grief. I guess I should be thankful that I've gone 6 months without having someone home sick while I have to go to work. I hate this part of it.....hate it, hate it, hate it.

And that is how we are starting our week. Soccer, sickness and a new president quandary.  Mixed bag.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

when it just isn't good enough

The girls lost, yet again, to their arch rivals last night. They played hard, the best they have all season, but a questionable call lined up a penalty kick from their star player and the game finished 2-1. Tough. Tough. Tough. Loss.

But, they are still in the chase for state as last night's game was for seeding purposes, and if they win on Saturday, will head off to face other teams from other regions.

In other news, a tummy bug has hit me and a virus of some sort has hit the youngest. Lovely. Hubby went and got the kid from school yesterday and I wound up leaving work an hour early to come home and try and will myself not to get sick. Partially succeeded.....still have the headache, but the tummy queasiness has lessened. The kid has a cough, a slight fever and just a general feeling of 'ick'.

The local drama with our football coach has now gone national. Bottom line: my kid needs her honors pre-cal teacher back. Pronto. The court of public opinion seems to be tilting in favor of the coach. Some interesting discussions about it on the sidelines of the soccer match.

Okay, over and out for today and for the week. What a weird one it has been.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

talking trash

Two trashy topics for this morning.  First, saw on the news last night the huge trash island floating in the Pacific. This is all the 'stuff' that was swept to sea after the tsunami in Japan. Wow. It is supposedly twice the size of Texas. Wow.  Of course no mention was made of what anyone is going to do about this hazard. Where would you even begin to try and clean up this mess?

Second, you need to be careful of what you say these days, even in locker rooms. Not being an athlete, I've always had a cliched vision of what a locker room is like at halftime. I've heard coaches yell at players; I've heard coaches yell at my two players. Can't say I've ever heard one yell like the audio tape a local high school football player posted on the internet for all to hear. But, what I heard more or less jives with what I expected to hear from a high school coach "talking" to a bunch of high school boys. This incident made local TV news and it was in this morning's paper. The coach has resigned from the football team and is now on paid administrative leave.

Guess this wouldn't be such a fly in my ointment except he teaches the honors pre-cal class the middle kid is taking. So, her teacher is now out of the classroom for who knows how long.

All because of trash.

Monday, October 24, 2011

halftime is over

Wow. That was a great fall break. It is amazing what an extra day off did for me. I accomplished a ton, feel rested and ready to roll. The next two weeks will be a bit crazy and then I head off on my first every 'business' trip to Louisville, KY. Fun stuff.

The only thing I didn't do a lot of this weekend was read. I  cleaned, cooked, baked, shopped, watched, talked and a whole bunch of other things, but didn't crack open one book.

And that is okay. I will have plenty of time to read once soccer season ends....which didn't happen last week as the girls won in overtime 3-1. Whoop. The march to state continues.

Life is good. Fall is great. All is well.
Happy Monday.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my friday is today!

I'm so excited for my 6 hours at work to fly by today as I'm taking my first PTO day tomorrow. Yippee!!  I'm ready to enjoy a little bit of Fall Break with my kids.

So, Happy Fall to y'all!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

holding pattern

I'm craving some holding patterns. I'd like to have a few days that bordered on boring. A day without a major event, crisis or 'new' thing to tackle would be most welcome.  But, it seems, this fall is anything but monotonous either at work or at home.

So, we adjust and we adapt and we keep moving along with a routine that is anything but, routine.

Book reviews........The Schoolmaster's Daughter by John Smolen is up first. I had high hopes for this book pinned solely upon the fact it was a historical fiction novel set during the American Revolution. I ended up being disappointed. The setting was wonderful, but the characters were flat and never drew my interest. Bummer.

The next book was Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich. This latest addition to the Stephanie Plum saga is good for a few laughs, but I've been more entertained by other 'numbers' in this series. Maybe I was just in a grumpy mood when I read it,  but I'm starting to get irritated with the whole romantic triangle thing between Ranger, Morelli and Stephanie.  

So, that is we are at Tuesday. Have a good one!

Monday, October 17, 2011

fall break

The kids are on fall break this week, so it rather odd for me to have to go to work and have them home. I'm so out of the summer swing that it seems a bit strange to know they aren't at school.  But, I am taking Thursday off, my first PTO day, to spend with them. I'm looking forward to that 4 day weekend!

I finished reading two books over the weekend. The first one was that historical novel set during the American Revolution. The second was Janet Evanovich's latest.

More on those later. I need coffee first and the newspaper next.

Reviews to come tomorrow.....if all goes well!

Happy Monday.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

book club

Our Friends group agreed to fund the book club in a bag program again in memory of my friend, Anne B. I was quite happy about that and had already compiled  a list of possible titles for the book club group to consider.  They meet today, and I'm going to try and attend so we can get that all ironed out and begin the whole process of ordering the materials and setting up the bags for 2012.

I also need to work a bit on some publicity for the group and on the guideline document I'm creating for the next president. It is way past the time when the how and why of what we do is written down.

Looks like I will have a busy Saturday!

Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

worth it

Back in the day, before digital cameras, a little girl got asked to play in the goal. Because she wanted to help her team, she did as she was asked. Soon the goal became her place to be, her spot on the field, her identity on her team.

And this continued for many years until she celebrated her senior night with her varsity high school team.

She's still the same little girl to me, but she's not so little any more. She played in the goal last night and then in the second half played as a forward and scored her first ever high school goal.  It was a magical night filled with memories and lots of pride.  Soccer isn't always easy and sometimes it isn't fun, but if you hang tough and take the good with the bad, it changes you. It makes you stronger, more confident and most of all you learn that effort can pay off in ways the scoreboard doesn't always reflect.  The ladies won last night 7-0, yes, they kicked some butt against a weaker opponent. But, last night was about more than the score. It was about celebrating what soccer has done for those seniors. They are all solid soccer players, but they are amazing young women.
Happy Senior Night to my oldest......YOU ROCK, on and off the pitch!!



Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ghost story

Not sure how I did it, but I managed to finish reading "Ghost Story" last night. What a read! I adore the Dresden Files series and this latest addition to Harry's stories is great fun.

Action. Action. Action.  One thing Jim Butcher does really well is to keep the pace of his plots at break-neck speed. Harry barely has time to regroup before the next dire event happens. The most dire event happened in the final pages of the last book. Harry was shot and fell into Lake Michigan off of his brother's boat.

This book opens with Harry in an afterlife experience and he chooses to return to Chicago as a ghost. Quite a bit has happened since Harry and team wiped out the Red Court vampires at Chichen Itza. The power vacuum left when that court was destroyed has enabled some nasty creatures to make life in the Windy City quite miserable.

I don't want to spill any more details than that, but be assured that if you enjoy this series, this title carries on the Harry Dresden tradition in fine style.

Monday, October 10, 2011

the new TBR pile

I made it to the library last week and checked out three books and then while I was working the book sale on Friday, I managed to find four books I wanted to read.  So, by TBR pile is again a force to be reckoned with on my small nightstand.

Up first is the latest Harry Dresden adventure from Jim Butcher. I adore the Dresden stories and this one is no exception.

Following my foray into a magical version of Chicago, I will travel east to see what is up with Stephanie Plum in Janet Evanovich's latest, "Smokin' Seventeen."  Yep, old Steph is up to trouble as she always is! Fun stuff.

Then I selected a historical fiction novel from John Smollens titled "The Schoolmaster's Daughter." Brand new author to me, so that is always exciting.

From the sale I came home with:
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson - a current book club favorite.
The Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho - enjoyed The Alchemist so figured, why not.
Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman - decent movie, the book has to be better.
Precious and Fragile Things by Megan Hart - I liked the snowy road featured on the cover.

So, there you have it, what will keep me busy in my 'spare' moments for the next several weeks.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Thank goodness it is Thursday. For what was supposed to be a quiet week at work, I've been swamped with things to do, although it has been quiet in regards to the sound level. Tonight is preview night at the book sale. I have to work that from 5-7. Then tomorrow I'm supposed to be back to work the fiction room, but we are having an unexpected guest visit. Hubby's Aunt S is flying in for the day, more or less. She is picking up a car and driving it back north, so she will be with us until Saturday.

Going to be a busy weekend.....yet again.....I need a day off.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

book sale time

They will begin pulling books out of boxes today for our fall book sale. This is my favorite day of the sale 'event' as i love organizing those books. But, I won't be there this year except to swoop in for the meeting and then swoop out to return to work.

I am going to work the presale event Thursday night and then will be on hand all day Friday.

Big soccer games tonight as both the girls' teams face off against their crosstown rival. Big plea to the soccer gods that everyone leaves the field injury free. This will be a very physical game....high school girls soccer isn't for wimps and in a game like this, it can get a bit rough if the referees don't set a no nonsense tone early. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen too often.

I was lucky enough to find the latest Jim Butcher book featuring my favorite 'grown up' wizard, Harry Dresden. I also found a historical fiction book set during the American Revolution. Score!

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

sadness and scones

I made a batch of cranberry orange scones yesterday when I got home from work. My baking efforts were totally fueled by the fact that I learned I will miss the soccer banquet this year due to my trip to L'ville. The oldest's senior mama there.

This really bothered me, probably more than it should have, but that seems to be the way of things right now. I talked to her about it and she was fine with it as daddy will be there.

The good thing is I will be there at senior night for the game and all of those festivities.

The scones turned out well, I will make that recipe again. In fact, I hear one calling my name.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

It has been a while since I devoted an entire blog post to a book review and true to form, this will not be a long and in depth look at "Blood Red Road." Other reviewers do a much better job of that. But, as this is a YA title, and the blog was originally filled with YA book reviews back when I worked in a YA library department, I thought I'd indulge myself and share my thoughts.

Dystopia is the one of the current rages in YA due to the success of the Hunger Games. The post-apocalyptic setting in Young's debut novel is different from Collin's world in HG, and I kept getting a strong Mad Max vibe from her descriptions of the places Saba, the protagonist, experienced. Saba is catapulted into a quest when her twin brother is kidnapped by four men on horses. Just a bit of symbolism there. From that point we have a journey across the desert, death match cage fighting, amazon-esque warrior girls and plenty of looney-tune crazy people. There is a bit of romance, a bit of family/sibling loyalty issues, plus David vs. Goliath themes in this plot.

The book is a page tuner and the action is nonstop. I was cheering for Saba from the start and she is a tough and resourceful heroine.

However, if you have any problems reading dialect or reading a book without punctuation to indicate who is speaking, you will want to bypass this novel. The book contains quite a bit of violence, but I wouldn't have a problem letting my middle school kid read it.

Of course, as is usual these days it seems, this is book one of a series.

So, two thumbs up for "Blood Red Road" far as the current YA dystopian crop goes, it's a winner.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

3 down and 1 to go

Guess the title for this blog can be used for two things: my work week and my to be read pile.

I have one day left in my work week, thank goodness. This has been a very odd week with half of the office leaving for San Diego and the rest of us waiting for them to leave! My boss, who doesn't work in our office, is also getting ready to depart which means I've had a very random assortment of things to do for him as he ties up loose ends. Yesterday I proofed a lot of meeting agendas, reviewed some new public outreach artwork and tag lines and scoured the internet for online magazine advertising rate cards. Fun times! The day did go fast though.

My to be read pile is now down to one last book, which I started yesterday and powered through to the point where I have about 1/3 left to read.

The three books I returned yesterday were the historical novel by CW Gortner, "The Tudor Secret," the YA novel "Steel" by Carrie Vaughn and the medieval mystery "Nightshade " by PC Doherty.

I enjoyed all three. Gortner's historical fiction is usually well done. He puts together a quickly paced book with some memorable characters, often taking well known figures and tweaking them just enough from the norm to make it interesting. In this case, Robin Dudley was drawn as a real 'ass' and Elizabeth I a very mercurial young woman. Interesting!  PC Doherty is a wonderful mystery writer and his Hugh Corbett series is one of the best set in medieval times.  He never disappoints.

Okay, now onto Carrie Vaughn. I thoroughly enjoy Vaughn's adult urban fantasy series featuring the werewolf named Kitty. Yep. Good stuff all the way around.  "Steel" is Vaughn's second YA novel. I've not read her first. While I enjoyed this novel, it had some great pirate stuff in it, it just never hit its stride for me. I liked Jill, our time traveling heroine, who finds herself on a pirate ship after falling overboard from a tourist boat with a piece of an old sword in her pocket. Jill is a competitive fencer, so of course, there is quite a bit of rapier dueling in this story. But, I just couldn't shake the feeling that Vaughn was writing 'down.' Her voice seemed a bit forced and the overall tone of the novel just didn't have the flow that her Kitty books contain.

I've been toying with looking at the whole "I'm going to write YA because it is a hot market" trend going on in the adult urban fantasy author world. So far, I've read two authors who have jumped markets and done a smashing good job of it. James Patterson's Maximum Ride series is well done, although he isn't an urban fantasy author. But Lilith Saintcrow's Dru Anderson series does come from a very gritty urban fantasy writer and is well written.  Beyond that, I've been left a bit disappointed.

But, that is a post for another day.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a little bittersweet

I've been working on pulling together 10 pics of the oldest from baby days to right now....a progression of images for her senior soccer banquet slide show.

Can I just say......a little choked up.  I think this might be the first of many lump in the throat moments.

So, that is all I can write, say, do for right now.  Off to find some tissue.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1000 posts

If the counter on this blog is correct, today's post will be number 1000.  Wow. That is a lot of posting. Quite a bit of 'stuff' has changed in my life since I started this blog.

I still read, a lot, but not as much as I did when I wasn't working. I'm working, again. This time not at the library, but still for a nonprofit. I went from bookstore manager to Friends president to a soon to be silent/nonparticipating Friends member.

Writing is still a big part of my daily existence, but I'm not writing fiction anymore. Now I write for my job.

My girls are still playing soccer, although that too is winding down. The boy is still busy with his imagination and all things related to space, time and physics.

1000 posts later. Hmmmm.

I enjoy posting my bits of random thought, views, ideas, news on this blog. No, I don't have a ton of followers, but that was never the point for me. The blog is my moment each morning to do a bit of journaling for my 'mental' health. So, here is to 1000 more posts.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Not happy it is Monday already....yawn. I could use another day off.

Not only did the girls win all three games on the road, but all three were shut outs. Woot!  I found the boy pants that fit and he looked mighty fine walking across the stage to get his Junior Beta certificate. The weekend went just fine, although it felt much too short.

I read two books over the weekend and started a third. More on that tomorrow when I hopefully can string more than just a few words together.

So, here we are at a new week, whether I'm ready for it or not.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

thursday, really?

Wow. Today is Thursday! This week was incredibly busy for me and as is often the case, Thursday sort of just 'appeared' out of nowhere.

I expect today will fly by as well. After work I have a mission to fulfill. The boy needs a pair of dress pants that cover his ankles so when he is inducted into Junior Beta tomorrow he doesn't look like he is ready for the flood. Finding a pair of khaki pants with a tiny waist and a long inseam isn't easy. At this point, I don't care what color the pants are, just so they fit him.

I probably should have tried to order them online, but that would have required a level of thought and planning I just seemed incapable of doing over the last 10 days.

In other news, the middle kid's team suffered an awful defeat on their home field against the cross town rival. It. Was. Horrible.  I've never seen a loss like that for that squad in the three years the core of them have been playing together. Lots of grumbling in the stands as the coach has messed with the lineup, yet again, and has players in spots they don't play in during club.

I could go on, but there is really no point....the girls got creamed and now they need to move on and get ready for their out of town 'friendlies' this weekend.

Looking forward to purchasing another e-book from a blogger I read.  Here is a shout out to Travis Erwin and his "Feedstore Chronicles" book.  I find his brand of humor, well, quite humorous and look forward to reading these stories based on his experiences working at a Texas feedstore.

And with that....I'm ready for the weekend.  Hope you enjoy yours!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

being pleasant

I try to be a very pleasant person. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt when confronted with a snarky attitude or perhaps less than stellar service. A smile can go a long way in diffusing bad attitudes and smoothing over any tension in the air.

Work has been tense as the departments are getting ready to send supplies and people to the national meeting in California. My 'department' has the largest pallet of stuff being shipped as we sponsor an auction at the event for attendees. Several auction items will be carried to the convention site by the donors, but several were shipped to us for subsequent shipment to California.  The deadline for that option was early last week, so of course, something arrived yesterday.

This one little box required me to approach the warehouse gal with a request to put it on an unwrapped pallet. Her response was borderline toddler-esque. It was sort of funny, in a very sad way.

Now, I understand she is under considerable stress. I understand this is the most logistically difficult part of her job.

But, I also understand human nature and how nothing, yes, nothing goes as planned. There will always be people or events that rain on your parade. There will always be people or events that mess up your best laid plans.

You acknowledge that and you move on. You get over it. You are an adult and you adjust, compensate and paste a smile on your face and DEAL WITH IT.

Often the person interacting with you didn't want to be the one to mess up your world....they are the victim of the circumstance as well.

Maybe because I expect things to not run smoothly, I've learned to not get too upset when things don't run smoothly!

Okay, rant over.  Here's hoping for some smiles at work today....kill 'em with kindness and all that jazz!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

brain cells not required

I made my travel plans yesterday for later this fall. I'm being sent, instead of my boss, to Louisville for a convention. Never done this sort of thing before....but hey, I'm not too old to learn! Part of packing for these conventions is stuffing takeaway bags for the attendees. I have 300 such bags to stuff today for the gathering my boss is attending in Indy next month.

So, lots of brain cells will not be required today as I work the assembly line and fill bag, after bag, after bag.

I sort of enjoy days like that and I often use the time to do some real thinking about various projects. The quiet, the repetition and the steady pace seems to free up my higher thinking processes and the creative ideas flow!

Perhaps my blog title isn't accurate....brain cells are required! I have some thinking to do!

Monday, September 19, 2011

laugh out loud

We spent a lot of time laughing this weekend. Everything from Chuck Norris to soccer pictures to the Emmy Awards provided chuckles, giggles and  laughing-snorts...yes, we have a snorter.

I did not spend much time reading. I did meet a friend at B&N, but left without making a book purchase. We had a great visit and I hope some good news is in her future.

We spent several hours at the soccer field watching the middle child's team win 5-0 then watching the oldest child's team lose 2-0. Then we got to watch them lose again 3-0 on Saturday. Wasn't a good soccer weekend for her, but lessons to be learned in defeat.

Some chores got done. Some paperwork finished. Some cooking completed.

And lots of laughter.

All in all, a very productive and good weekend.  I guess I'm ready for an extremely busy work week ahead.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

my new to be read pile

I finally finished the stack of books I checked out over a month ago and returned them to the library so I could bring home a new stack of books! Yeah!

I also finished reading an ebook I downloaded to my laptop. This was a self published YA novel. I will blog more on this very entertaining book later....but, hats off to you Lisa for sharing your work with the world. I enjoyed "Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire" and am eager to read the next title.

Up next are a book about a spy in Tudor England, a medieval mystery, a YA time travel fantasy and a YA dystopian story.

Looks like some good reading ahead!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

delay of game

The varsity soccer game last night was set to kick off at 5:30. The teams took the field and then first one team was pulled off and then the other team returned to the bench. In the stands, we all were wondering what was going on as the center referee stood next to the visiting team's bench and spoke with their head coach. Referees and coaches conferred and the players stayed off the field.

It was confusing to say the least.  Finally, a visiting team player came across the field to speak to her parents and we learned that because their team has two girls on it who wear 'head wraps' the referee needed clarification on whether they could play as he felt the state soccer laws prohibited such items.

Now, girls are not allowed to wear earrings, rings, bracelets etc as those items could cause injury. A soft head wrap, I guess, could cause a problem if it came off the player's head.

We think, although this wasn't confirmed, that the two girls were Muslim. The visiting player who spoke to the parents said that they've never had a problem before and they have several girls on their team from Africa who play with these head wraps on.

I guess the referee got a waiver or permission to proceed with the game because after about 15 minutes, the teams took the field and the match proceeded. The girls with the head wraps did play.

We won 10-0. It could have been 20-0, but our team wasn't allowed to score beyond a certain point or they could only take a shot after so many passes had been made. About 4 goals were off of headers.

It was an interesting night. The comments from the parents about what was going on were quite interesting as well. But that can be a post for another day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

very brief book reviews

I took some time yesterday and updated my book list. I know I've left off a few titles, but it is now as up to date as I can  make it.  So, a few very brief book reviews are now in order.

"The Wise Man's Fear" by Patrick Rothfuss, just can't say enough about this book and this author's talent. He dove into the epic fantasy genre with his debut title "The Name of the Wind" and has never looked back. But the neat thing is that this series isn't overly heavy on the fantastical elements and truly focuses on characters and building complex, interesting and memorable people. I really enjoyed this novel.

"Once Dead Twice Shy" by Kim Harrison, yet another adult urban fantasy author dabbles in the YA world. Well, I love Harrison's books starring itchy witch Rachel Morgan. I didn't love this book. It was a firm 'so-so' for me. Angels, reapers, dead teenagers.....just okay. I was disappointed.

The Enola Holmes series by Nancy Springer, I'm slowly reading this children's series, and have been delighted with each and every story. Springer puts together great mysteries full of engaging characters and manages to provide consistently good plots.

Okay, so now I'm sort of caught up. Not sure what I will be reading next. I need to finish the two Nancy Springer books I have checked out and I'm also reading an e-book on the laptop. Maybe by Monday I will have three more mini reviews!

Monday, September 12, 2011


One of our morning rituals is to visit facebook. I log on and read for a bit while the girls are on their computer doing the same thing. This morning I caught a glance of their computer screen while it was zoomed in on a picture of a former soccer teammate and her new tattoo.

This young lady just turned 18 and is now apparently liberated enough to trot herself off to the local tattoo parlor and get the words 'no regrets' tattooed in Italian on her side. Yep. Really?

I just don't see the attraction to this. I remember growing up and seeing men with tattoos, usually on arms, the 'artwork' indicating which branch of the military they joined. Now everyone seems to have them, all over the place, and the artwork ranges from phrases to flowers to crosses.

The timing on this facebook post was rather ironic as at mass yesterday our priest mentioned that when asked if he has any tattoos, he replies that he has three...all on his soul. One for baptism, one for confirmation and one for holy orders. He's too afraid to get any other tattoos....not afraid of the needle, but afraid of his mother.

While the girls and I looked at this young lady's photo of her new tattoo, I reminded them that being afraid of their mother was a very good reason not to make a trip to a tattoo parlor on their 18th birthday.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

working it

This has been a very odd week. Monday holidays always throw me. Then toss into the mix, we had a Friends meeting yesterday and my boss arrived in town on Tuesday.  Weirdness abounds.

But, we are working it...getting ready for the national meeting. Knocking out multiple projects. The hours have flown by and my 'friday' arrives today. We have two soccer games tonight. The oldest will get her first ever varsity start as the other keeper is off the field for two weeks with a pulled tendon.

Not sure what I will have on my plate for tomorrow, but it is hard to believe that Friday is almost here.

I still need to post a note about finishing the latest Patrick Rothfuss novel. I enjoyed it...really enjoyed it. But, I do have more to say than that.

Off to work I go......hi ho, hi ho.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a very sad thing

I don't believe I've ever met anyone who enjoys grocery shopping. When we moved here over 8 years ago, our stellar choices of stores to shop for the pantry were Wally World and a national grocery store chain I will call "K." Not impressed with either, I drove 15 minutes to a neighboring town to shop at a St. Louis based, family owned store.  It reminded me of the store I grew up shopping, which was also a regional, family owned grocer.  All was well and then all got better as they built a brand new store in our fair town.

I was happy as a clam until last weekend when we all learned that the St. Louis based stores sold their stores here to the "K". UGH!!!!!

So, not only are 1200 people going to be out of work, because the K just doesn't need to hire them, but now the K will basically have a monopoly as the only true grocer in the region. Lovely. Just Lovely.

Our local K was remodeled a few years back and you wouldn't know it unless you were living here at the time. Ick. Looks like Aldi and Costco for me from now on and when I have to, the K.

I'm going to miss my grocery store and the friendly people who worked there. It would be too much to hope that a big regional grocer would come and and give K a run for its money....but that is what I'm hoping.

It is a very sad thing.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

not much

Not much going through my mind this morning. It was a great weekend and although we all have to go back to work/school today, I'm not minding it too much.

So, Happy Tuesday to you.

Friday, September 2, 2011

a true assortment of randomness

Going to put the 'r' in random today as I recap the week. First, how can it be Friday already? Geez. The work week flew by, and I'm hoping the four day weekend ahead doesn't follow.

The misbehaving soccer parent commented again, even after my post on etiquette, so we deleted the comment and banned the offender. I emailed the president of the boosters and he said he wished he could ban the individual...guess we aren't the only ones having issues.

The oldest loved touring my alma mater. The tell tale sign was the purchase of clothing in the bookstore. Who knows, we may be making a second trip to that campus. It would take a miracle for her to attend, as the out of state cost is exorbitant, but who knows? Applications will be sent and we shall see.

I had to venture into the library yesterday as my attempts are renewing my books online through the new system failed. I learned it wasn't anything I was doing, but when my information transferred into the new system, my phone number wound up in the wrong data field. Which, of course, prevented me from logging into the new catalog. Lovely. Guess I'm not alone in this, but out of our 5 cardholders, only hubby and I had issues...yes, we checked everyone's card while I was there behind the circulation counter.

I've not decided what I want to do today. I have to do some things for the fall book sale. I need to vacuum and dust. I'd like to go out to lunch with another neighbor, who I seem to run into everywhere but on our street. I really, really need to grocery shop.

The list is endless. The time isn't.

We had a lovely time at the high school play last night. They put on "Your a Good Man, Charlie Brown." Very fun production....cute, cute, cute!  I'm looking forward to taking the youngest to a few more plays.....they are also doing Frankenstein and Thoroughly Modern Millie.

A blogger I follow has taken the plunge and self published her YA novel, "Confessions of An Average Half Vampire".  I purchased a copy yesterday. Good Luck to you, Lisa!  So, I also hope to have some time to read this book. I started yesterday, but stopped myself at page three....I had to go to work, not sit and laugh at the computer screen.

Although, I have been known to do that at work...especially of late!

Okay, Liz, over and out for the week. Enjoy the long weekend and I will be back on Tuesday.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

soccer drama

A few years ago, when I first got a facebook page, I volunteered to start one for the soccer booster club. We were going along swimmingly until this season. I'd recruited another 'admin' to help last year and yet another one to assist this year with making sure we posted the final scores for all three squads: varsity, jv and freshman.

For the past two years, we've never listed players names or who did what. We posted the score, a hearty congrats if we won and a sympathetic comment if we lost.

This year, we have one parent who is posting first names and how many goals they scored in our comments section. It bothered me when I saw it last week, but I let it fly. This week however, it happened again and one of the other admins called me to discuss it. She'd got complaints from some other parents. I shot a message to the third admin and we made the executive decision to post a 'policy' on this on the page and to remove the comments.

No one scores alone. Yes, in most cases, one foot put that ball in the net (although it can also be placed there by a head, a leg, a chest, a back..believe me, I've seen it all by this point), but that one player was passed the ball by a teammate, who received it from a another teammate and so on.

A team wins and a team loses. There is no 'i' in team.

No response yet to my post on the page from the offending party. Let's hope this parent gets the message. If not, I guess we go to the nuclear option and hit the delete key.

Soccer drama at its best.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

bragging rights

Busy evening last night for me. Varsity soccer match and the academic awards ceremony at the high school happened at just about the same time. We dropped the oldest off at the field, drove up to the school lot and then the middle kid and I went into the school.

I love the academic awards ceremonies. It is always fun to see my girls walk across the stage. Of course, this year, only one walked...well, sort of walked as she is still in that boot. The oldest, along with a large group of other seniors, couldn't attend because of the soccer game. Soccer girls=smart least at our school.

Oh well. Her big walk across a stage will be here soon enough. She will have to visit the guidance office for her certificate from last night.

Good night for both of my ladies. Straight A's last year for the middle kid and a well played half of soccer for the oldest kid.

Today I head into work with the expectation of getting a bit dirty. Good thing we are on relaxed dress code...jeans and sneakers for me today since I will be grubbing around in the warehouse gathering items for the national convention.

Wednesday. Already. Wow.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

crying wolf

I watched a bit of the news last night and some of the comments indicated a belief that the meteorologists 'cried wolf' on Hurricane Irene.

Well, perhaps, but perhaps not.  It seems they knew where the hurricane would come ashore. They didn't know how strong the winds would stay or when they would lessen. From the sounds of it, I guess the eye wall of the storm was not as defined and this fact impacted wind strength. So, what they anticipated being a category 2-3 hurricane lessened to a 1.

People did die as a result of this storm. Property damage in some areas appears to be quite severe. If the evacuation orders weren't given, would more folks have perished? Perhaps.

I don't don't mess with Mother Nature and leaving the shoreline during a hurricane seems to be a prudent thing to do.

I'm not convinced anyone was crying wolf. There is just so much that science can predict.

Monday, August 29, 2011

feeling good

The weekend was great and I feel pretty good about the week ahead. We're caught up on the housework, the laundry and the yard. I meal planned for the week and am ready to plan for September. The oldest and hubby will head north midweek for the IU visit and the soccer tournament. The rest of us will enjoy a long and lovely Labor Day weekend.

Wait. Labor Day? Really?

I guess it must be so. August flew by and we are about to enter September.

I'm over half way thru Patrick Rothfuss' huge book, "The Wise Man's Fear." I'm enjoying this one, but it is a very long read and I've been lacking the quiet time to just sit and turn those pages.

I have a Friends meeting to get ready for, the Fall Book Sale to work on and other assorted library tasks. I still haven't heard how the Herman Parish visit went.

And that is all for this Final Monday in August.  Enjoy  :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

the fine art of recognition

In my new job, I get to say thank you a lot. For every donation, big and small, we say thank you and acknowledge the donor. Often times, this thank you happens in multiple places and ways over the course of a year.

The soccer team is currently working on their annual golf outing. The outing takes place to raise money for the booster club so we can defray the cost of playing for all families. This means we go around asking for donations to support the event. Yet again, lots of thanking happening as well as lots of recognition bestowed on those folks who support us so we can support the team.

Some wonderful friends of mine stepped up and donated door prizes and our door prize coordinator sent out a lovely email encouraging our team families to support those businesses....some shops are struggling and they need local dollars to be spent in locally owned shops.  For example...why give your $5 for a fancy coffee to the Big Coffee Shop when you can get a good cup of coffee from the local family down on the Square.

Tonight is a program that the Friends paid for and the Library is hosting. A rather popular and well known children's author is visiting our Town and will appear for a reading and book signing. We had to pay for him to come. We had money set aside for this purpose and we are happy to do it, but a little recognition for our sponsorship would be great.

It would be great if we didn't have to ask to be recognized.

But that's not how it happened. I had to ask. We raise money by selling books to people and those people often ask where does the money go. A valid question in my mind. We publish an annual report and put articles in the papers about our efforts, but events like the one tonight are the big splashy happenings that really go a long way in showing the community what we are all about.

Once I brought it to the library's attention that nothing promoting the event mentioned the Friends underwriting the cost, they corrected their mistake. It's just too bad that I had to ask.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the ankle

Well, the ankle was a major cankle by the afternoon. So, when I got home from work, we made a trip to the doctor's office. After two sets of x-rays, they thought it might have a fracture in it, so they sent us to the ortho. No fracture, but a nasty sprain, so she is in a boot for a week, then a brace for a week, then it just depends.

Depends on how fast she heals. She might be able to play in two weeks time if she is wrapped and braced. Good thing the team does have a trainer as that gal can deal with the wrapping and such.

So, off to picture day she goes, all dolled up with a huge walking boot on her leg. But, thank goodness it wasn't fractured!!

The other good thing is while she is going to be on the bench for some big games, most of those teams visit us again and she will get another shot at them.

Soccer drama......gotta love it!

And I guess the earth shook for a while yesterday in some places it hasn't shaken for a very long time. Didn't feel a thing here and we have our very own famous fault line, but, I do feel for those folks on the east coast. The earth shouldn't be moving under your feet, no matter what the famous song says.

Here's to a calm, quiet and boring Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

first soccer matches of the season

The girls' first soccer matches of the season can be summed up in few words. They won both games. The middle kid rolled her ankle. It is now a cankle and quite bruised. We may be making a trip to the ortho-dude who worked on the oldest's ankle a few years back. The oldest played the second half once the score rose to 3-nil. She had fun and made a diving save to keep the other team scoreless.

So, all in all, not a bad first night, except for the cankle.

Hoping when that soccer chica wakes, things are looking better!

Monday, August 22, 2011

water cooler conversations

My office is near a coffee pot station. As folks wander around the building, they stop and refill their mugs, visit, and chit chat all day long. We don't have a true 'water cooler,' but the large java making machine outside my door takes its place and often becomes the gathering point for some interesting conversations.

Thursday I was able to overhear, without much effort as the gal was quite loud, a rant on why folks just need to take care of themselves like she and her husband do. It doesn't take a village. If you have kids, you raise them and leave the rest of 'us' alone.  Oh, and Hilary Clinton is an idiot.

Hmmmm. Now the lady she was talking to, I learned the other day, is in fact dealing with an adult child who has moved back home due to a divorce and brought along two children.  A bit of 'village' going on there in my mind.

The ranter was going on and on, and the other gal, in short order, drastically changed the topic of conversation and scurried back to her office as quick as she could.

Isolationism.  Why is it that folks think they are so independent and move through life without interaction with anyone besides a chosen few?

Yes, my three children are 'my' responsibility, but I'd be a fool to think that many, many other people haven't had a hand in their formation. In my mind, people are naive to think that it doesn't take a village to raise children into responsible, contributing adults. From teachers to soccer coaches, my kids have learned a variety of lessons from our 'village'.

You don't live in a bubble or alone on your own planet. We are all in this together, for better or worse. As my hubby said, we are 'pack' animals and we function best and are at our best when we are working together.

And I guess that lady, whether she wants to acknowledge it or not, better hope the village does a decent job on the younger generations...she might need one or two of those village kids someday.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

thursday, oh yes

I've had a good work week, but I'm very glad today is my Friday. I'm ready for a weekend where we do not have to make a road trip or spend hours at the soccer field. I'm ready for a weekend to R E L A X!!

So, happy weekend to me!

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I haven't used an alarm clock in years. Now, that is not to say that my hubby doesn't set one and I sometimes benefit from his need for chimes, birds, hoots etc. marking the hour.

But this morning, even though an accented voice chirped the hour, I rolled over and fell back to sleep. Oversleeping is not something that I do on a regular basis. Yet it sometimes happens, like an eclipse. This morning I snoozed an extra 45 minutes.

The only thing that woke me was the oldest turning on the kitchen light. I wonder how long I would have gone?

In other news, I scored a copy of Patrick Rothfuss' second novel, "The Wise Man's Fear." Even better, I scored a YA copy, so that means I can have it for 3 weeks instead of the 2 week new release time frame.

So far, it is just as engaging as "The Name of the Wind", the first novel about Kvothe.

Okay, over and out on this Wednesday! Wednesday, really? Friday will be here before I know it!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the final college tour....or saving the best for last

Hubby booked a college visit/tour for the oldest at my alma mater. They are heading north to a major Big Ten university, the home of the Hoosiers, and will see what there is to see on that campus.  It worked out perfectly as she is traveling up that way for a soccer tourney with the high school team. A few extra hours and voila....a college tour has been squeezed into her itinerary.

We completed yet another online application yesterday, or should I say, almost completed it. A few things need to be gathered and composed for it to be truly ready for submission.

It has bee quite interesting to see the differences in all of these online applications. I can understand the appeal of what is called the Common Application.

I need to contact my best bud's brother who works for the University and see about a tour after the tour. He might be able to get her into places 'off road' so to speak.

Monday, August 15, 2011

the soccer weekend

This past weekend was filled with soccer. Either the girls were on the pitch or hubby and I were charging folks to come watch their girls take the pitch. Yes, we worked the gate/admissions on Saturday for 2 hours and then yesterday for 4 hours. Each family is on the hook for 6-two hour shifts. We knocked ours out in two days. Perfect.

Working gate isn't bad, and can be quite humorous to see folks try and weasel their way out of paying the $3 to enter. Hubby and I didn't charge for the kids and of course we don't charge for players. We also had some lovely conversations with parents and grandparents from other teams. Several teams from the state south of us attend and they are always very chatty and fun to talk to.

The oldest got to play the entire second half of both games. The middle kid played too, started each game and then was rotated on and off as needed. Seemed like the coaches played everyone, which is wonderful, as once the season gets underway, some of the girls might not see much playing time.

Good weekend and the second week of school is now upon us. The weather even seems to know that the season is moving along as the temp this morning was about 65! Wow, haven't seen that number at 5:00 a.m. in a very long time.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

grilled peaches

An insert in yesterday's paper shared a recipe for a dessert featuring grilled peaches. Now, we've grilled lots of things in our household, but I've never tried peaches. They looked really good and perhaps we can give this recipe a whirl over the weekend.

I'm more than ready for my last day of the work week. After week of lots of work to do, this week has been rather slow. The calm before the storm I'm told. As things begin to ratchet up for the National Meeting, my work life will become more hectic. My boss will arrive in just about one month and we have a lot to do when he gets into the office.

Including training me on how to man a booth at a convention. I've been tapped to take on the stint at a teacher's convention in a few months. That should be interesting!

Enjoy your Thursday....and I'm ready for my weekend!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

slogging through

Yesterday was a slog-fest. Ugh. My motivation and creativity seemed to be at an all time low. I've been tasked with rewriting two career courses in our online learning library. We needed to create a template for these classes so that future additions have a framework to follow. In their current states, both offerings are quite lengthy, very dry and difficult to read. I've read history textbooks with more flair and excitement.

I've cut. I've sliced and diced. I've moved things around. I've added text here and there. I decided they both need something else. But, what?

For now, I've settled on a Q&A section. I've come up with a series of questions we can ask folks on our Board and folks who work in the industry. Things that a student, doing career research, will really want to know.

So, maybe, after reading that, they will be intrigued enough to read the rest of the course.


I shipped both off to my boss, yet again, as this is round four of the edits, yesterday. I'm sure I will have more work to do on them today. Unless I'm saved by work of a different type!

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

reading recap

I've been a bit silent regarding what I've been reading. My TBR pile is slowly dwindling away and I need to make a trip to the library this week, but first, some brief comments about the book I just finished and the one I'm halfway through.

I finished the third Enola Holmes book by Nancy Springer. These books are a sheer delight to read. A clever mystery, a more clever heroine and wonderful writing. Our library houses these titles in the Children's section, but I think they'd go over wonderfully well in the YA section too.

Up next is a YA title, this one from Holly Black. I've read all three of Black's faerie stories and she doesn't shy away from dark, gritty themes or characters. "Red Glove" is the sequel to "White Cat."These novels are set in a world where magic is 'worked' and the 'workers' are viewed as criminals. Everyone wears gloves to keep themselves from touching each other and possibly being worked. This series is not for younger YA readers, but older ones interested in mob stories, might enjoy them. There is an organized crime element to the plots and the characters can be quite....unsavory.

After I finish the Black title, I have the final Faythe Sanders book to read from Rachel Vincent.

Then I'm out....the TBR pile will be eliminated from the nightstand. Several books have arrived on the shelves in the last few months, all monster-big novels, like the latest from George RR Martin. I need to make a list and get on the waiting list for those titles.

The first day of school went well for the kids and I spent a good portion of the late afternoon signing my name on forms and then on checks.

All is well in this corner of the world.

Monday, August 8, 2011

first day of the school year

And so it arrives, as I knew it must. Today is the first day of the new school year. Summer is over. The learning begins. My kids will be out the door and on their way back to their teachers and friends.

The first day of school is exciting and bittersweet for me this year. Lots of growing up going on around my house. Lots of changes in store for them and for us.

But, one day at a time. Graduation isn't here is months away.

So, happy first day to all the teachers, the kids and the parents. Make it a great year!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

first one done

The first college application is completed, or at least the online portion is. The oldest still has to get the transcript sent and wait for the link to begin the scholarship application process. That portion will involve more time and more thought.

One down, several more to go.

I think we need to set up a spreadsheet to track what we have sent, when we sent it and other such important tidbits of information.

Hotter than Hell here. Someone needs to shut the oven door, because we are roasting.  When it is this hot, it is hard to think, eat or do much of anything....even when you are in air conditioning all day. It is like your mind knows that you shouldn't be moving in any sense of the word and everything slows down.

Last day of my work week. Tomorrow we hit the road, yet again, for another college visit. Got a call yesterday from this University confirming our arrival, which allowed us to increase our party size from 3 to 5. So, we all get to go on the tour bus!

New experiences all around. Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the art of the conference call

I don't like speaker phones. Well, except when I'm talking to my parents. They use the speaker phone in their home to talk/listen to me and that is just fine. In the workplace, however, I'd rather not be put on a speaker phone when I call someone and I don't like to inadvertently overhear someone else's conversation because they are on speaker phone.

We had a conference call yesterday with a huge foundation committee. About 10 folks were dialed in to this 'meeting' and the  majority of them put the call on speaker. So, we had echoes and various other background noises in the call. Ugh.

Hard enough to take notes and try and determine who said what, let alone filter out the extra sounds coming through the phone line. If this was a regular event, I'd ask for a headset so I could type the notes into the computer as I listened to the conversation.

But, griping aside, the meeting went well and I now have more work to complete for this week.

In Library news, the new catalog system will be ready for use when the Library reopens tomorrow. The Friends 'catered' their lunches this week and I will no doubt get a report on that Thursday evening when we all go out to dinner. One of our Friends is moving away and we need to send her off in style. Should be a good time filled with yummy food and lots of laughter.

I'm in the downward portion of my work week and I'm ready for Friday to Roll on In.  We are off to that other big SEC school to the east of us....where the Tide Rolls In on a regular basis. This university has free tuition for the oldest because of her ACT score. So, sort of a nice perk and puts this university automatically on the short list.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the summer that wasn't

In the summer I wish we would have had, we would have trekked to the shore and spent two weeks at the beach. I missed those treasured mornings where I could not only get up early and enjoy that first cup of coffee, but do so with my rear planted in the sand and the tide rolling in.

This summer we stuck close to home. College visits determined our weekend getaways. My new job meant I didn't have any paid time off to enjoy. A tight economy meant we needed to watch our pennies.

But, the summer that wasn't doesn't mean summer wasn't enjoyed. I love the slower pace. No homework to supervise. No project deadlines on the kitchen calendar. No hustle and bustle as two teenage girls try and get out the door looking runway ready. No yelling up the stairs to hurry along an almost teenage boy.

I love being able to grocery shop and get fresh fruits and veggies at a lower price. I love being able to see the crepe myrtles in full, bright bloom. I love going to the Square and getting a huge ice cream cone for $1. I even love the lack of soccer....for the few weeks at least!

So, the summer that wasn't was still really good. It's all good, as they say.  And the beach will be there next year.

Monday, August 1, 2011

razorback 101

We had a great time at Razorback 101. We were all very impressed by the campus, adored the town square and the student shopping/entertainment areas. The program was well run, informative and helpful.  Both girls said they went in thinking they wouldn't like any of it and came away feeling it is a really neat place. The region is beautiful, green and hilly.

So, it stays on the short list.

Summer work is almost finished for both girls. Just a bit of polishing here and there. College admission sites are now open. So, this week, in the afternoons, we will begin that process. I'm curious to see how this whole online admissions thing works, so I will be observing as these three applications go 'out'.

School starts one week from today. Eek.  The oldest's senior year is now upon us. I'm freaking out a bit about this.

Talked with my best buddy yesterday and she let me know that her second daughter, who is the same age as my oldest, has informed her she is interested in studying at the Sorbonne after her month in France. Wow. I guess she has been investigating it. Apparently she had a magnificent time in France and wants to go back. Reminded me of a lady we met here in town whose son went to St. Andrews in Scotland after a similar experience.

So, when I get to feeling misty eyed about the oldest being 6 hours away, I must remember, she could be a day away, over an ocean and in a foreign country!

Monday, here we on yet another new adventure. College application week, straight ahead!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Thank God it's Thursday!  Yes, my last day of the work week. Although I have to say, the week flew by as I was busy with yet another bulk mailing. I've been told this is the last one I have to do for a while. I truly haven't minded them, it is nice, brainless, work and it makes the hours disappear.

Up for the weekend, a trip west to a major university for a visit. I packed last night and have left instructions for everyone else to do the same. Hope to depart shortly after I arrive home this afternoon.

I think I'm more excited to see this campus than either of the girls, but hey, I know how much fun college can be and they've yet to learn that lesson!

So, catch you on Monday....with plenty of tales to tell of the Soooooie Pig.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

library stuff

“Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.”—Neil Gaiman

And our library is about to become even more user friendly as a new cataloging system is going to be installed in just a few short days. I haven't looked up any details on "Polaris", but from what I've heard, it sounds so much better than the system we currently have.

In other library news, my executive board will be going out to dinner next week to say farewell to one of our own. The current store manager is moving out of state in the next two weeks. She is a very funny lady and a great conversationalist. She will be missed. But, the good news is that if the oldest decides to attend the university we are visiting this week, this Friend will be close by and can keep 'tabs' on her or at least be on call in case of an emergency.  They actually have a pretty funny relationship as this Friend is the one who named my oldest The Blonde Star after the Blonde-OnStar joke.

Okay, off to work I go!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

campus maps

The oldest and I spent some time working on assorted college application things last night. Her English teacher this past year had them create an academic resume for an assignment. Love that woman! It gives the oldest a starting point as she begins to complete online applications. We went through the resume and updated it with her latest 'accomplishments.'

As we were talking about universities and the application process, I asked whether she had a 'dream' school. She doesn't and I guess my hubby asked her the same question on Sunday night.  So, I asked her if money didn't matter, where would she be interested in going, just, well, just because it might be cool.  She said IU.

Now, my heart began to beat a bit faster and while she moved on to working on some of her summer work, I perused the IU website and had some major flashbacks of my time there. Looking at the campus map, I recalled several things that were long buried in my memory.

I told her it never hurts to apply and see what they will do. If she sticks with thoughts of doing ROTC, depending on the type of scholarship they would award her, IU could be a possibility. Hmmmm.

Things to think about for her and for us.

Monday, July 25, 2011

monday, ugh

I'm not ready for today to be Monday. It is gloomy outside and we should be getting some serious rain today. I'd rather be staying home instead of going to work. I'd rather be reading instead of writing a SOP on pledge donations. I'd rather be helping my kids clean the house.....well, maybe not that!

I had a lovely weekend and read two books from by TBR pile. We shopped, dined, relaxed and the three days flew by as they often do.

Well, Monday is here. The paper has been retrieved by Duke. The coffee is made.

Best get on with it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

so many books to read, so little time

I'm not making much of a dent in my TBR pile. I have two Arthurian mysteries starring the one-armed Malgwyn. I have one Enola Holmes YA mystery. I have two Faythe Sanders urban fantasies. And I have another YA title, this one by Holly Black.  The pile is a bit tall and it is lingering about much too long. I need to get some serious reading done this weekend, or some of these will have to be returned to the library for another day. Ugh.

In the meantime, I saw the new mega long fantasy from Patrick Rothfuss has hit the shelves. I still haven't read the final book from Jean Auel. I'm falling behind.......but, that is to be expected now that I'm at work 24 hours a week.  Hours I used to spend doing other things, like reading.

I made the mistake of going into B&N yesterday, that is how I realized how far behind I am in my reading, to kill some time while the middle kid worked out with her new club coach.

Yes, always soccer drama going on in our club. Another Brit at the helm of her team....this time a college coach is taking the reins as his former club team, a group of girls who are going to be seniors in high school this year, declared he couldn't take them any further than he had in their soccer development. Hmmmmm. Sounds like maybe some girls and or parents didn't get the DI looks/scholarships they'd convinced themselves they deserved.

Anyway, we loved our old coach and the girls love this new coach. So, in the end, bully for us! I think it will all work out well and to our advantage to have the new Englishman on the sidelines.

And that is all for this week.....Liz, over and out!