Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the final college tour....or saving the best for last

Hubby booked a college visit/tour for the oldest at my alma mater. They are heading north to a major Big Ten university, the home of the Hoosiers, and will see what there is to see on that campus.  It worked out perfectly as she is traveling up that way for a soccer tourney with the high school team. A few extra hours and voila....a college tour has been squeezed into her itinerary.

We completed yet another online application yesterday, or should I say, almost completed it. A few things need to be gathered and composed for it to be truly ready for submission.

It has bee quite interesting to see the differences in all of these online applications. I can understand the appeal of what is called the Common Application.

I need to contact my best bud's brother who works for the University and see about a tour after the tour. He might be able to get her into places 'off road' so to speak.

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