Thursday, August 4, 2011

first one done

The first college application is completed, or at least the online portion is. The oldest still has to get the transcript sent and wait for the link to begin the scholarship application process. That portion will involve more time and more thought.

One down, several more to go.

I think we need to set up a spreadsheet to track what we have sent, when we sent it and other such important tidbits of information.

Hotter than Hell here. Someone needs to shut the oven door, because we are roasting.  When it is this hot, it is hard to think, eat or do much of anything....even when you are in air conditioning all day. It is like your mind knows that you shouldn't be moving in any sense of the word and everything slows down.

Last day of my work week. Tomorrow we hit the road, yet again, for another college visit. Got a call yesterday from this University confirming our arrival, which allowed us to increase our party size from 3 to 5. So, we all get to go on the tour bus!

New experiences all around. Happy Thursday!!


The English Teacher said...

And while the rest of the country bakes, we're having the coolest summer we've had in years. Such a blessing! We used to have summers like this when I was a kid, but the last 10 years or so, we've had Julys where it was over 100 for three weeks out of four, never dropping below 85 at night and never below 90 in the day. Ugh!
This year, we've had only ONE day that reached 100, and most days have been in the upper 80s instead of the 90s. We haven't had a single night with a temp over 80. And many nights it has dropped into the upper 60s.
Wow. I haven't suffered nearly as much this year.
My sympathies to you. You're having the kind of summer that I've hated for years.

Liz said...

TET, glad someone is having a moderate summer! But, if you get a chance, send that cool air our way!