Thursday, March 17, 2016

my friday

Today if my Friday, again! Woohoo....three Thursdays in a row for this girl. Gosh, I miss steady, regular, three day weekends. And, to top it off, I'm taking Monday as a holiday too. Yippee!!

I've been busy working on one of the affiliate's newsletter. Ugh. Hideous thing. But, I should finish that this morning and then my former coworker is coming to get me for lunch. Miss that girl.

In other news, the weather has been amazing this week and I've been able to sneak out for at least a 15 minute walk each day. Lovely stuff. Birds singing, trees blooming, people sneezing....spring has arrived.

I've also started reading my birthday present. "Pioneer Girl" is fascinating, but this will be a long haul of a book. Reading footnotes is tiresome, even when they are full of great details about Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Ok. Off I go. Thursday, prepare to be conquered.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


The time change always throws me for a loop. The spring forward part of daylight savings time really gets me. Today was the first day I've been able to crawl out of bed on time. Yeah me.

In other news, the oldest is in NYC having a good time exploring the city. The middle is home and has been so much fun to have around. The youngest starts his break next week.

I'm taking Friday and Monday off from work and am looking forward to a little spring break of my own. Four day weekends are to be relished. I'm hoping for good weather. The rain finally moved out and we've had three days of sunshine. I actually got out and walked on my lunch break the past two days. It was so wonderful.

My former coworker is coming out for lunch tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to that. We need to plan a girls' day so that we can chat at length. I eager to hear how her PhD is coming along. She starts comps in April. I miss reading her papers! Early modern isn't my cup of tea, but it was fun to talk literature with her.

So, off we go. Wednesday is here!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


It is pouring outside and has been for a while. A river of water is running down the road. UGH.

In other news, I have no other news!

Happy Wednesday.

Monday, March 7, 2016


The beloved Masterpiece series, Downton Abbey, came to an end last night. The series lasted for 6 glorious years on PBS and made Sunday evenings something to look forward to for so many. The beautiful costumes, the wonderful acting, the amazing writing (zippy lines delivered with style and skill) all worked together to create a love affair between viewer and show.

While we were in London, one of the tours we looked at taking was a trip up to Highclere where Downton was filmed when it was on location. We opted not to go, but next time, we will make a plan to see it.

I will miss all of the Downton folks, upstairs and downstairs. The finale provided happy endings for everyone and new babies born and to come. It was storybook happy. I'm sure people will wring their hands over the unrealistic nature and sheer goodness of the conclusion, but I loved it.

So, farewell Downton. Thank you.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

rainy thursday

My efforts to finish the flower beds have been dashed, or perhaps soaked would be a better word. We had a very rainy day Tuesday and I woke this morning to another downpour. The yard will be like a sponge and the flower beds full of muck. Maybe Saturday I can try to wrap up this project.

In other news, the middle daughter has accepted a wonderfully paid internship with a large accounting firm located in Knoxville. AND, they are giving her a $1,000 signing bonus. WHAT?! Yep. So happy for her. Her hard work and planning all paid off. She will have the month of May to travel for the Big 4 Leadership Conferences, will work all of June and July, and then have a few weeks off to relax and get ready for her senior year.

And that is the good news for the week.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

too early and a happy ending

Restless night. Early morning. UGH.

Had a bit of excitement/terror for the Ville as a 6 year old girl was reported missing yesterday. They had helicopters out, search dogs out, several police departments/local agencies, to scour the woods where she was last seen playing in a rain puddle. Social media exploded with her picture and details about her. Thank goodness she was found by 9:00 at a friend's house. Those people didn't know she was "missing." The police had been going door to door and at some point, all the pieces fell in place and she was located.

While the outcome was a good one, and where she had been the whole time was in a safe place, I'm very thankful that our government agencies took the report of this missing child seriously and mobilized everything available to find her.

It got very cold here last night and all I could think about was the little boy who wandered away over in the Nashville area and was found dead in a field two days later. I think that little boy must have been on everyone's mind as they searched for this little girl.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

making progress

I started cleaning the flower beds on Sunday. I worked on two more yesterday after I got home from work. I am making progress, but have some decisions to make. The two big beds that run across the front of the house are left to tackle. I have several varieties of perennials in those beds and while they are doing quite well, I don't have the time to keep the beds in good shape. I'm thinking about moving a few of the plants and killing the rest. Ugh.

I think a more groomed bed instead of the wild look it has when everything is in bloom, might be easier. Wild is never truly wild. It does require work as things grow and spread.

Today is going to be a rainy possibly stormy day. I have time to think on this and decide the best course of action.

Happy Super Tuesday. I voted in early voting. The weather the South will receive will impact turnout. Should be interesting to see just how much.