Monday, August 1, 2011

razorback 101

We had a great time at Razorback 101. We were all very impressed by the campus, adored the town square and the student shopping/entertainment areas. The program was well run, informative and helpful.  Both girls said they went in thinking they wouldn't like any of it and came away feeling it is a really neat place. The region is beautiful, green and hilly.

So, it stays on the short list.

Summer work is almost finished for both girls. Just a bit of polishing here and there. College admission sites are now open. So, this week, in the afternoons, we will begin that process. I'm curious to see how this whole online admissions thing works, so I will be observing as these three applications go 'out'.

School starts one week from today. Eek.  The oldest's senior year is now upon us. I'm freaking out a bit about this.

Talked with my best buddy yesterday and she let me know that her second daughter, who is the same age as my oldest, has informed her she is interested in studying at the Sorbonne after her month in France. Wow. I guess she has been investigating it. Apparently she had a magnificent time in France and wants to go back. Reminded me of a lady we met here in town whose son went to St. Andrews in Scotland after a similar experience.

So, when I get to feeling misty eyed about the oldest being 6 hours away, I must remember, she could be a day away, over an ocean and in a foreign country!

Monday, here we on yet another new adventure. College application week, straight ahead!!


The English Teacher said...

The KIDS go back a week from today?! Wow. That's early.
I don't go back until 2 weeks from today, and school officially begins after that.

Liz said...

Yes, and it is hotter than Hades here. They've debated the issue of starting later due to the extreme heat, but nothing much has come of it. However, the kids were out of school before Memorial Day, so I guess it all balances out in the end.