Thursday, September 8, 2011

working it

This has been a very odd week. Monday holidays always throw me. Then toss into the mix, we had a Friends meeting yesterday and my boss arrived in town on Tuesday.  Weirdness abounds.

But, we are working it...getting ready for the national meeting. Knocking out multiple projects. The hours have flown by and my 'friday' arrives today. We have two soccer games tonight. The oldest will get her first ever varsity start as the other keeper is off the field for two weeks with a pulled tendon.

Not sure what I will have on my plate for tomorrow, but it is hard to believe that Friday is almost here.

I still need to post a note about finishing the latest Patrick Rothfuss novel. I enjoyed it...really enjoyed it. But, I do have more to say than that.

Off to work I go......hi ho, hi ho.


Travis Erwin said...

Good luck to your daughter. My youngest is playing his first season of club soccer this year.

Liz said...

Travis...welcome to the world of club soccer! Good Luck to your youngest out on the pitch :) The oldest earned a shut out last night! Whoop!