Friday, September 2, 2011

a true assortment of randomness

Going to put the 'r' in random today as I recap the week. First, how can it be Friday already? Geez. The work week flew by, and I'm hoping the four day weekend ahead doesn't follow.

The misbehaving soccer parent commented again, even after my post on etiquette, so we deleted the comment and banned the offender. I emailed the president of the boosters and he said he wished he could ban the individual...guess we aren't the only ones having issues.

The oldest loved touring my alma mater. The tell tale sign was the purchase of clothing in the bookstore. Who knows, we may be making a second trip to that campus. It would take a miracle for her to attend, as the out of state cost is exorbitant, but who knows? Applications will be sent and we shall see.

I had to venture into the library yesterday as my attempts are renewing my books online through the new system failed. I learned it wasn't anything I was doing, but when my information transferred into the new system, my phone number wound up in the wrong data field. Which, of course, prevented me from logging into the new catalog. Lovely. Guess I'm not alone in this, but out of our 5 cardholders, only hubby and I had issues...yes, we checked everyone's card while I was there behind the circulation counter.

I've not decided what I want to do today. I have to do some things for the fall book sale. I need to vacuum and dust. I'd like to go out to lunch with another neighbor, who I seem to run into everywhere but on our street. I really, really need to grocery shop.

The list is endless. The time isn't.

We had a lovely time at the high school play last night. They put on "Your a Good Man, Charlie Brown." Very fun production....cute, cute, cute!  I'm looking forward to taking the youngest to a few more plays.....they are also doing Frankenstein and Thoroughly Modern Millie.

A blogger I follow has taken the plunge and self published her YA novel, "Confessions of An Average Half Vampire".  I purchased a copy yesterday. Good Luck to you, Lisa!  So, I also hope to have some time to read this book. I started yesterday, but stopped myself at page three....I had to go to work, not sit and laugh at the computer screen.

Although, I have been known to do that at work...especially of late!

Okay, Liz, over and out for the week. Enjoy the long weekend and I will be back on Tuesday.

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