Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the art of the conference call

I don't like speaker phones. Well, except when I'm talking to my parents. They use the speaker phone in their home to talk/listen to me and that is just fine. In the workplace, however, I'd rather not be put on a speaker phone when I call someone and I don't like to inadvertently overhear someone else's conversation because they are on speaker phone.

We had a conference call yesterday with a huge foundation committee. About 10 folks were dialed in to this 'meeting' and the  majority of them put the call on speaker. So, we had echoes and various other background noises in the call. Ugh.

Hard enough to take notes and try and determine who said what, let alone filter out the extra sounds coming through the phone line. If this was a regular event, I'd ask for a headset so I could type the notes into the computer as I listened to the conversation.

But, griping aside, the meeting went well and I now have more work to complete for this week.

In Library news, the new catalog system will be ready for use when the Library reopens tomorrow. The Friends 'catered' their lunches this week and I will no doubt get a report on that Thursday evening when we all go out to dinner. One of our Friends is moving away and we need to send her off in style. Should be a good time filled with yummy food and lots of laughter.

I'm in the downward portion of my work week and I'm ready for Friday to Roll on In.  We are off to that other big SEC school to the east of us....where the Tide Rolls In on a regular basis. This university has free tuition for the oldest because of her ACT score. So, sort of a nice perk and puts this university automatically on the short list.

Happy Wednesday!

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