Tuesday, September 20, 2011

brain cells not required

I made my travel plans yesterday for later this fall. I'm being sent, instead of my boss, to Louisville for a convention. Never done this sort of thing before....but hey, I'm not too old to learn! Part of packing for these conventions is stuffing takeaway bags for the attendees. I have 300 such bags to stuff today for the gathering my boss is attending in Indy next month.

So, lots of brain cells will not be required today as I work the assembly line and fill bag, after bag, after bag.

I sort of enjoy days like that and I often use the time to do some real thinking about various projects. The quiet, the repetition and the steady pace seems to free up my higher thinking processes and the creative ideas flow!

Perhaps my blog title isn't accurate....brain cells are required! I have some thinking to do!


Lisa Shafer said...

Tell me, please, that you can SEND the 300 bags and are not required to TAKE them on the plane yourself????

Kim Smith said...

this sounds sorta like an adventure :) in the making.have fun with it!

Liz said...

The 300 bags are being sent, probably today, to Indy for my boss to use at a convention in October. This is on the heels of 200 bags going to California for a convention this month. I think for my November convention I will send 200.