Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a very sad thing

I don't believe I've ever met anyone who enjoys grocery shopping. When we moved here over 8 years ago, our stellar choices of stores to shop for the pantry were Wally World and a national grocery store chain I will call "K." Not impressed with either, I drove 15 minutes to a neighboring town to shop at a St. Louis based, family owned store.  It reminded me of the store I grew up shopping, which was also a regional, family owned grocer.  All was well and then all got better as they built a brand new store in our fair town.

I was happy as a clam until last weekend when we all learned that the St. Louis based stores sold their stores here to the "K". UGH!!!!!

So, not only are 1200 people going to be out of work, because the K just doesn't need to hire them, but now the K will basically have a monopoly as the only true grocer in the region. Lovely. Just Lovely.

Our local K was remodeled a few years back and you wouldn't know it unless you were living here at the time. Ick. Looks like Aldi and Costco for me from now on and when I have to, the K.

I'm going to miss my grocery store and the friendly people who worked there. It would be too much to hope that a big regional grocer would come and and give K a run for its money....but that is what I'm hoping.

It is a very sad thing.

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Lisa Shafer said...

It's always sad when a small business gets taken over by a huge corporation. A similar thing just happened here to one of my favorite local stores of another type.