Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the summer that wasn't

In the summer I wish we would have had, we would have trekked to the shore and spent two weeks at the beach. I missed those treasured mornings where I could not only get up early and enjoy that first cup of coffee, but do so with my rear planted in the sand and the tide rolling in.

This summer we stuck close to home. College visits determined our weekend getaways. My new job meant I didn't have any paid time off to enjoy. A tight economy meant we needed to watch our pennies.

But, the summer that wasn't doesn't mean summer wasn't enjoyed. I love the slower pace. No homework to supervise. No project deadlines on the kitchen calendar. No hustle and bustle as two teenage girls try and get out the door looking runway ready. No yelling up the stairs to hurry along an almost teenage boy.

I love being able to grocery shop and get fresh fruits and veggies at a lower price. I love being able to see the crepe myrtles in full, bright bloom. I love going to the Square and getting a huge ice cream cone for $1. I even love the lack of soccer....for the few weeks at least!

So, the summer that wasn't was still really good. It's all good, as they say.  And the beach will be there next year.


The English Teacher said...

And for me it was lack of organization and losing my passport in March. I have a new passport now, but the weeks got away and I never planned anything.
Possibilities for NEXT summer are:
New Zealand

If I start planning NOW, I just might make it to one of them (or the first two are possible in the same trip).

Liz said...

A lost passport? Not good! I'm planning for a trip next year too...I hope! Ireland sounds fantastic. I've always wanted to go. My next overseas adventure will have to be after the girls graduate from college. So, six years from now, watch out!!

The English Teacher said...

I haven't been out of the country in 3 years now! Wanderlust is really setting in.