Monday, November 21, 2011

look a roo

I popped into the library and tried to check out Lionheart so I could finish it. Of course, it wasn't there and knowing we are heading out of town for the holiday, I didn't bother to put a hold on it. Will have to do that once we get back into town. Instead I picked up two other titles, both of them from authors who are new to me. The first one, "Those Across the River" is a debut novel from Christopher Buehlman. I picked it up off the table solely because Charlaine Harris blurbed it on the front cover. I've seldom been steered wrong when one of my favorite authors gives an endorsement that makes the book jacket.

Interesting read. An American horror story set in the south just after World War I.  Some beautiful writing in this novel and an interesting take on what the residents of Whitbrow call a 'look a roo'. I read this one in an afternoon and enjoyed the story.

I also picked up another Elizabethan murder mystery novel, this time featuring John Shakespeare as the sleuth hired by Wm. Cecil to work on behalf of the Queen.

The book club at the library has selected their 12 titles for 2012 and I need to get over to B&N today or tomorrow and place that order. Some interesting selections, as always, from this group.

It is Thanksgiving week, which is hard to believe. The year is slipping away and the holiday season is upon us.  Enjoy your Monday!

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