Thursday, August 11, 2011

grilled peaches

An insert in yesterday's paper shared a recipe for a dessert featuring grilled peaches. Now, we've grilled lots of things in our household, but I've never tried peaches. They looked really good and perhaps we can give this recipe a whirl over the weekend.

I'm more than ready for my last day of the work week. After week of lots of work to do, this week has been rather slow. The calm before the storm I'm told. As things begin to ratchet up for the National Meeting, my work life will become more hectic. My boss will arrive in just about one month and we have a lot to do when he gets into the office.

Including training me on how to man a booth at a convention. I've been tapped to take on the stint at a teacher's convention in a few months. That should be interesting!

Enjoy your Thursday....and I'm ready for my weekend!


haydenblair said...

did you ever grill the peaches? I read an article recently about grilling avocados. We haven't tried it let me know and I'll let you know.

Liz said...

Never got to it...forgot we had lots of soccer this weekend! It was dine and dash at the house inbetween field duties and watching the girls play!! Maybe this next weekend though and I will for sure let you know...grilled avocado sounds interesting...I love them too :)