Monday, September 19, 2011

laugh out loud

We spent a lot of time laughing this weekend. Everything from Chuck Norris to soccer pictures to the Emmy Awards provided chuckles, giggles and  laughing-snorts...yes, we have a snorter.

I did not spend much time reading. I did meet a friend at B&N, but left without making a book purchase. We had a great visit and I hope some good news is in her future.

We spent several hours at the soccer field watching the middle child's team win 5-0 then watching the oldest child's team lose 2-0. Then we got to watch them lose again 3-0 on Saturday. Wasn't a good soccer weekend for her, but lessons to be learned in defeat.

Some chores got done. Some paperwork finished. Some cooking completed.

And lots of laughter.

All in all, a very productive and good weekend.  I guess I'm ready for an extremely busy work week ahead.


Lisa Shafer said...

This is off topic, but thank you SO much for writing up the book review for me! You rock!

Liz said...

Getting that review done, short as it was, was part of my busy week! Happy to do that for you, Lisa. I enjoyed the book and if you go to print, will be purchasing a copy for my son. Now, if you ever write a time-travel/steampunk...let me know; that is his latest interest!

Lisa Shafer said...

I love steampunk, too!! But at the moment, I'm too swamped to write one of those. (I started one, but it got lame really fast so I dropped it.)
I am working on the POD vampire one; I'm just having trouble getting the software updates I need to make it all work.