Thursday, October 27, 2011

when it just isn't good enough

The girls lost, yet again, to their arch rivals last night. They played hard, the best they have all season, but a questionable call lined up a penalty kick from their star player and the game finished 2-1. Tough. Tough. Tough. Loss.

But, they are still in the chase for state as last night's game was for seeding purposes, and if they win on Saturday, will head off to face other teams from other regions.

In other news, a tummy bug has hit me and a virus of some sort has hit the youngest. Lovely. Hubby went and got the kid from school yesterday and I wound up leaving work an hour early to come home and try and will myself not to get sick. Partially succeeded.....still have the headache, but the tummy queasiness has lessened. The kid has a cough, a slight fever and just a general feeling of 'ick'.

The local drama with our football coach has now gone national. Bottom line: my kid needs her honors pre-cal teacher back. Pronto. The court of public opinion seems to be tilting in favor of the coach. Some interesting discussions about it on the sidelines of the soccer match.

Okay, over and out for today and for the week. What a weird one it has been.

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