Wednesday, October 12, 2011

worth it

Back in the day, before digital cameras, a little girl got asked to play in the goal. Because she wanted to help her team, she did as she was asked. Soon the goal became her place to be, her spot on the field, her identity on her team.

And this continued for many years until she celebrated her senior night with her varsity high school team.

She's still the same little girl to me, but she's not so little any more. She played in the goal last night and then in the second half played as a forward and scored her first ever high school goal.  It was a magical night filled with memories and lots of pride.  Soccer isn't always easy and sometimes it isn't fun, but if you hang tough and take the good with the bad, it changes you. It makes you stronger, more confident and most of all you learn that effort can pay off in ways the scoreboard doesn't always reflect.  The ladies won last night 7-0, yes, they kicked some butt against a weaker opponent. But, last night was about more than the score. It was about celebrating what soccer has done for those seniors. They are all solid soccer players, but they are amazing young women.
Happy Senior Night to my oldest......YOU ROCK, on and off the pitch!!



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