Wednesday, August 10, 2011

slogging through

Yesterday was a slog-fest. Ugh. My motivation and creativity seemed to be at an all time low. I've been tasked with rewriting two career courses in our online learning library. We needed to create a template for these classes so that future additions have a framework to follow. In their current states, both offerings are quite lengthy, very dry and difficult to read. I've read history textbooks with more flair and excitement.

I've cut. I've sliced and diced. I've moved things around. I've added text here and there. I decided they both need something else. But, what?

For now, I've settled on a Q&A section. I've come up with a series of questions we can ask folks on our Board and folks who work in the industry. Things that a student, doing career research, will really want to know.

So, maybe, after reading that, they will be intrigued enough to read the rest of the course.


I shipped both off to my boss, yet again, as this is round four of the edits, yesterday. I'm sure I will have more work to do on them today. Unless I'm saved by work of a different type!

Happy Wednesday.

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