Thursday, August 25, 2011

the fine art of recognition

In my new job, I get to say thank you a lot. For every donation, big and small, we say thank you and acknowledge the donor. Often times, this thank you happens in multiple places and ways over the course of a year.

The soccer team is currently working on their annual golf outing. The outing takes place to raise money for the booster club so we can defray the cost of playing for all families. This means we go around asking for donations to support the event. Yet again, lots of thanking happening as well as lots of recognition bestowed on those folks who support us so we can support the team.

Some wonderful friends of mine stepped up and donated door prizes and our door prize coordinator sent out a lovely email encouraging our team families to support those businesses....some shops are struggling and they need local dollars to be spent in locally owned shops.  For example...why give your $5 for a fancy coffee to the Big Coffee Shop when you can get a good cup of coffee from the local family down on the Square.

Tonight is a program that the Friends paid for and the Library is hosting. A rather popular and well known children's author is visiting our Town and will appear for a reading and book signing. We had to pay for him to come. We had money set aside for this purpose and we are happy to do it, but a little recognition for our sponsorship would be great.

It would be great if we didn't have to ask to be recognized.

But that's not how it happened. I had to ask. We raise money by selling books to people and those people often ask where does the money go. A valid question in my mind. We publish an annual report and put articles in the papers about our efforts, but events like the one tonight are the big splashy happenings that really go a long way in showing the community what we are all about.

Once I brought it to the library's attention that nothing promoting the event mentioned the Friends underwriting the cost, they corrected their mistake. It's just too bad that I had to ask.

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