Monday, August 29, 2011

feeling good

The weekend was great and I feel pretty good about the week ahead. We're caught up on the housework, the laundry and the yard. I meal planned for the week and am ready to plan for September. The oldest and hubby will head north midweek for the IU visit and the soccer tournament. The rest of us will enjoy a long and lovely Labor Day weekend.

Wait. Labor Day? Really?

I guess it must be so. August flew by and we are about to enter September.

I'm over half way thru Patrick Rothfuss' huge book, "The Wise Man's Fear." I'm enjoying this one, but it is a very long read and I've been lacking the quiet time to just sit and turn those pages.

I have a Friends meeting to get ready for, the Fall Book Sale to work on and other assorted library tasks. I still haven't heard how the Herman Parish visit went.

And that is all for this Final Monday in August.  Enjoy  :)

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Lisa Shafer said...

I am NEVER caught up on housework. I envy you. :)