Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the halloween that wasn't

We never bought and carved a pumpkin this year. None of the kids went out to trick or treat. We had candy left over when I turned the porch light off at 8:30. And that leftover candy is easy to resist as it doesn't contain  any chocolate.

It was the Halloween that wasn't this year.

With the youngest feeling under the weather (he has an upper respiratory infection and is now on a Z-pack) our Halloween plans never took off.  The girls were busy packing for the state tournament. Hubby worked late and I was pretty exhausted after a busy day at work followed by a flurry of house cleaning when I arrived home.

On the plus side, no bowl of chocolaty goodness to tempt me into eating all the mini Snickers/Hersheys/M&Ms I can lay my hands on. Also on the plus side, we now have a slate of candidates for our Friends officers and will vote on them Wednesday!

And I have a new Sharon Kay Penman book to read on my trip next week. Penman is the best, in my opinion, at bringing Henry and Eleanor's brood to life. This new novel is all about the Lionheart, Richard. Historical, yummy goodness.

It might not be a candy bar, but it will still make me happy!

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The English Teacher said...

I didn't get a single trick or treater this year -- not even the neighborhood kids, who all packed up and went elsewhere.
Fortunately, I've long been used to low numbers on my street (which is situated in an inconvenient area from the POV of a kid), and I buy small toys and prizes instead of candy. Jumping frogs and bat rings and tiny puzzles do not add pounds to my thighs and will keep just fine until next year.