Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the ankle

Well, the ankle was a major cankle by the afternoon. So, when I got home from work, we made a trip to the doctor's office. After two sets of x-rays, they thought it might have a fracture in it, so they sent us to the ortho. No fracture, but a nasty sprain, so she is in a boot for a week, then a brace for a week, then it just depends.

Depends on how fast she heals. She might be able to play in two weeks time if she is wrapped and braced. Good thing the team does have a trainer as that gal can deal with the wrapping and such.

So, off to picture day she goes, all dolled up with a huge walking boot on her leg. But, thank goodness it wasn't fractured!!

The other good thing is while she is going to be on the bench for some big games, most of those teams visit us again and she will get another shot at them.

Soccer drama......gotta love it!

And I guess the earth shook for a while yesterday in some places it hasn't shaken for a very long time. Didn't feel a thing here and we have our very own famous fault line, but, I do feel for those folks on the east coast. The earth shouldn't be moving under your feet, no matter what the famous song says.

Here's to a calm, quiet and boring Wednesday.

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