Wednesday, August 31, 2011

bragging rights

Busy evening last night for me. Varsity soccer match and the academic awards ceremony at the high school happened at just about the same time. We dropped the oldest off at the field, drove up to the school lot and then the middle kid and I went into the school.

I love the academic awards ceremonies. It is always fun to see my girls walk across the stage. Of course, this year, only one walked...well, sort of walked as she is still in that boot. The oldest, along with a large group of other seniors, couldn't attend because of the soccer game. Soccer girls=smart least at our school.

Oh well. Her big walk across a stage will be here soon enough. She will have to visit the guidance office for her certificate from last night.

Good night for both of my ladies. Straight A's last year for the middle kid and a well played half of soccer for the oldest kid.

Today I head into work with the expectation of getting a bit dirty. Good thing we are on relaxed dress code...jeans and sneakers for me today since I will be grubbing around in the warehouse gathering items for the national convention.

Wednesday. Already. Wow.

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