Tuesday, August 9, 2011

reading recap

I've been a bit silent regarding what I've been reading. My TBR pile is slowly dwindling away and I need to make a trip to the library this week, but first, some brief comments about the book I just finished and the one I'm halfway through.

I finished the third Enola Holmes book by Nancy Springer. These books are a sheer delight to read. A clever mystery, a more clever heroine and wonderful writing. Our library houses these titles in the Children's section, but I think they'd go over wonderfully well in the YA section too.

Up next is a YA title, this one from Holly Black. I've read all three of Black's faerie stories and she doesn't shy away from dark, gritty themes or characters. "Red Glove" is the sequel to "White Cat."These novels are set in a world where magic is 'worked' and the 'workers' are viewed as criminals. Everyone wears gloves to keep themselves from touching each other and possibly being worked. This series is not for younger YA readers, but older ones interested in mob stories, might enjoy them. There is an organized crime element to the plots and the characters can be quite....unsavory.

After I finish the Black title, I have the final Faythe Sanders book to read from Rachel Vincent.

Then I'm out....the TBR pile will be eliminated from the nightstand. Several books have arrived on the shelves in the last few months, all monster-big novels, like the latest from George RR Martin. I need to make a list and get on the waiting list for those titles.

The first day of school went well for the kids and I spent a good portion of the late afternoon signing my name on forms and then on checks.

All is well in this corner of the world.


The English Teacher said...

I'm so glad you liked Enola Holmes!

Liz said...

Loved the three I've read so far. Eager to read the rest in the series.