Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the art of the cover up

You find 'it' in book plots all the time. A terrible deed is done. The cover up ensues. The dashing hero or heroine unravels the mystery and the culprits are revealed and brought to justice. When someone manages to get away with 'it', we call that a plot twist!

'It' almost always comes out. I guess it is the temptation of getting away with 'it' that keeps people trying to cover up misdeeds. From toddlers to politicians, are we just hardwired to cover up our mistakes and foolishly think no one will ever know? Hush money is never enough, even if the check came with a contract.

In other news.....I jet off tomorrow for another Ville and a convention. Not going to try and cover up the fact I've never done this before - traveled for work or staffed a booth at a convention. It should be quite an adventure for me as I have NO idea of what to expect.

So, this is my last post for this week, but come next Monday I should have a variety of interesting things to share!

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