Monday, November 7, 2011

a whirl of wind

The last ten days has been a bit chaotic. Between soccer and the sick boy, our normal routine was pitched out the window and replaced with......randomness on a gigantic scale. I am a creature of habit and to have my days turned topsy turvy just isn't my cuppa. Throw into this mix our 'falling back' clocks due to the time change, UGH.

But, the soccer girlies made it home on Friday. The boy was diagnosed with pneumonia on Thursday and given the correct medicine. He is on the mend now, thank goodness! The pantry was kind of restocked on Saturday. Hubby got a round of golf in and I sort of regained my grip on the huge training manual I'm creating for the next Friends president.

So, even in the midst of the chaos, we all managed to get things done. The boy even started to chip away, assignment by assignment, at the mountain of homework he must complete after being out of school for 7 class days.

Starting today, everyone should be back in their places for the most part. I'm working today and then have tomorrow off in preparation for my departure to the convention I'm working later this week.

Happy is to blessed, normal, boring routines, we never appreciate them until they are gone!

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