Tuesday, July 26, 2011

campus maps

The oldest and I spent some time working on assorted college application things last night. Her English teacher this past year had them create an academic resume for an assignment. Love that woman! It gives the oldest a starting point as she begins to complete online applications. We went through the resume and updated it with her latest 'accomplishments.'

As we were talking about universities and the application process, I asked whether she had a 'dream' school. She doesn't and I guess my hubby asked her the same question on Sunday night.  So, I asked her if money didn't matter, where would she be interested in going, just, well, just because it might be cool.  She said IU.

Now, my heart began to beat a bit faster and while she moved on to working on some of her summer work, I perused the IU website and had some major flashbacks of my time there. Looking at the campus map, I recalled several things that were long buried in my memory.

I told her it never hurts to apply and see what they will do. If she sticks with thoughts of doing ROTC, depending on the type of scholarship they would award her, IU could be a possibility. Hmmmm.

Things to think about for her and for us.


Elizabeth said...

Absolutely love checking in on your blog,,, and time warping 10 years from now :)

Liz said...

Elizabeth, Savor each and every day, because I'm here to tell you...they are on college visits before you know it!