Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the tag team....yes, you are it.

My boss is coming into town in December and will be meeting with the head of the marketing department and the Director of the whole enchilada about next year's conventions. Which ones can we attend?  Will they send both of us? Both conventions he has targeted are going to be held in my 'home' state's capital....which could be very fun!

In other news.....hubby and I attended the Town's 'thank you' reception last night for all those volunteers serving on the various Boards. Same faces year after year, but it is always a good time to see all of those folks in one place. We were both asked if we were going to run for office next year! Uh, NO!  I may, however, fill out a volunteer application to be appointed to a board. Maybe. I'm thinking about it. Seriously. Someone slap some sense into me!! Please!!

While I was gone on my trip I read "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand" by Helen Simonson. It was a delightful, easy to read debut novel. I also started reading the latest from Sharon Kay Penman, "Lionheart." No one does the Devil's Brood like Penman; she captures Henry, Eleanor and the gang the best of any historical fiction writer I've ever read.  Unfortunately, I had to return it before I finished it. I must get back over there and check it out again; I wrote down the page number where I had to stop reading.

Up for tomorrow....the fantastic trend in TV this year: fairy tales!!

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