Monday, October 31, 2011

mixed bag

The soccer girls won their sub-state game and will head off to play in the state tournament! Woot!!  No overtime this year was required to defeat the other team, and we walked off the field with a decisive 2-0 victory. Both girlies are going, both will be sitting the bench, and I hope they have a blast. Sister bonding time framed by soccer...those moments are winding down for them and this will be the last one they share.

In other news, the 2012-2013 leadership for the Friends is still in a bit of a mess. I met Friday with some of the current officers and some of the nominating committee and we managed to identify 13 members who could run the group. The list was handed off to the past president as she was tapped to make those calls. She got to #3 on the list, who is still thinking about it after emailing me and asking for more information. Which, I provided in great detail yesterday morning. No word back yet. BUT, we do have an ace up our sleeves as one of gals on the nominating committee volunteered to serve and is willing to serve.

We went from zero to possibly two candidates. High grade problem to have.  I have faith it will all sort itself out...hopefully before 1:00 on Wednesday.

The boy, who seemed to be so much on the mend Friday that I canceled his doctor's appointment,  spiked a fever last night and will be home from school yet again. UGH. Hubby is fielding this one, but I need to see what I can do about missing work on Tuesday if needed. Good grief. I guess I should be thankful that I've gone 6 months without having someone home sick while I have to go to work. I hate this part of it.....hate it, hate it, hate it.

And that is how we are starting our week. Soccer, sickness and a new president quandary.  Mixed bag.

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