Wednesday, October 5, 2011

book sale time

They will begin pulling books out of boxes today for our fall book sale. This is my favorite day of the sale 'event' as i love organizing those books. But, I won't be there this year except to swoop in for the meeting and then swoop out to return to work.

I am going to work the presale event Thursday night and then will be on hand all day Friday.

Big soccer games tonight as both the girls' teams face off against their crosstown rival. Big plea to the soccer gods that everyone leaves the field injury free. This will be a very physical game....high school girls soccer isn't for wimps and in a game like this, it can get a bit rough if the referees don't set a no nonsense tone early. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen too often.

I was lucky enough to find the latest Jim Butcher book featuring my favorite 'grown up' wizard, Harry Dresden. I also found a historical fiction book set during the American Revolution. Score!

Happy Wednesday.

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