Tuesday, August 31, 2010

big time

Big time in store for me today. Yep, it is procurement day. I am headed to the grocery stores to refill the pantry.  The menu is planned for the month, the list is made and I think I'm sort of, kind of ready.

Still reading "The Gargoyle."  Yesterday I ventured into the library after I dropped the boy off at Scouts. Of course I came home with six books to read....three by an author who is new to me. Whooopeee:)  Exciting to find an urban fantasy novelist I've not read before.  I also picked up a Karen Harper I'd missed reading and two Patricia Briggs books I'd not read before.  Score. Still no sign of  "Mockingjay" at the library. Drats.

Not sure if I will have myself plopped on a bleacher tonight or not.  The whole JV soccer experience has been a real mess this year and the oldest might have to be in the goal tonight for the other JV squad as their keeper is still injured. But, of course, no one has said anything to her yet about having to play. We are just guessing that she might.  Some organization and communication would be so nice and refreshing. 

Off to conquer the aisles, freezer cases and produce bins.

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