Tuesday, August 24, 2010

pins and needles

The first official soccer game of the season ended in a tie. Tough game and my goalie girl must have had at least 20 saves. My forward girl had one incredible left footed shot on goal that required some stellar goal keeping by the other team to deflect.  So, so close!! 

I'd forgotten how exhausting it is to have both of them on the field at the same time for almost the entire game. Pins and needles for 80 minutes.

But, the first game is over, they can shake the nerves off and get ready for next week. Still not sure how that will work as both JV squads play on the same day, miles apart and we are short players. Ummmmm, coach, have you worked that one through yet???

I read a few pages in the third Percy Jackson book, watched a few shows via OnDemand and Netflix, cooked dinner, ran errands and tried to rest.  My energy level just isn't popping back as quickly as I'd like it to, but I do feel much better than I have in weeks. So, that is something to cheer about.

I might try and tackle the Girl book today....after I wrangle with the vacuum and dust cloth.  I lead such a glam life!!

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