Wednesday, August 4, 2010

randomness abounds

I'm almost finished with the other Aurora Teagarden mystery I checked out from the library last week. So, that means, I need to get some more books when I am there for the meeting today.

Watched the first three episodes of 'Pillars of the Earth" via our Netflix stream on the Wii. Have I mentioned how much I love this service?!  Awesome.  Pretty good miniseries, different from the novel in several ways, from what I can recall, but some good actors. Got to love Ian McShane:) 

A bit of grocery shopping this morning, then my meeting then home. I need to figure out what to cook for supper. It is hard to cook food when the temps are so darn hot the weather is cooking you.

Tomorrow is off to Costco day with my oldest. Time to buy the school lunch convenience foods I like to keep stocked in the pantry.

Friday is off to the mall with the middle kid. She is in search of some new jeans....and she actually saved her money to purchase them. Gotta love that!

Then a quiet weekend before the troops head off into the new school year.  They girlies picked up their schedules yesterday after providing proof that we live where we say we live. Yikes.  No problems on their schedules, but it seems that several of their friends have issues due to this insane hybrid block schedule the school has adopted.  I think school administrators come up with the nuttiest ideas about instructional time in order to provide job security for themselves.

Off to pour that second cuppa......enjoy your Wednesday.

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