Monday, August 30, 2010

read, walk away, read some more

I've been reading David Anderson's "The Gargoyle" since Friday. I'm still reading it. No, this book isn't a door stopper ala "The Passage."  It is simply one of those books you read slowly because you need to put it down and walk away from it every other chapter.  Intense. Horrific. Beautiful. Raw. Stunning. Captivating. Honest.

I've learned more about burn victims than I probably ever wanted to know. Note to self...don't read some parts while eating anything.  But, I'm also simply enjoying the writing. Beautiful writing. At my current pace, I should finish the book tomorrow.

Up for today, a bit of housecleaning, a few errands, lunch out with a neighbor and hoping it rains for the girlies sake as they could use an afternoon off from soccer.


Kim Smith said...

Hey you! I am sitting in my office, looking out at gray skies. But in case you missed my post, I have butt in chair and writing in mind. So, here we go again!

Liz said...

You. Go. Girl. Write something for me too, okay?!