Thursday, August 19, 2010

Death at Devil's Bridge

Last night I finished the third Victorian Mystery by Robin Paige.  These are very nice reads...good characters and interesting plot grounded on some sort of 'new' technology.  This story contained hot air ballooning and the motor car as well as fingerprinting and the use of microscopes to examine evidence.  I never knew that early motor cars used a variety of engines: steam, electric and gas.  I enjoyed not only the 'whodunit' part of the story, but also learned a lot about cars!  Paige included Charlie Rolls and Mr. Royce as characters.  Neat.

I think I'm ready for a change of pace in what I'm reading and if I make it out to the library today, will search for something will a little more action and zing.

Still making progress on feeling better. I slept longer last night than I had the previous two thanks to taking some Benedryl. 

Can't believe it is Thursday. This week has flown by for me even though I've been rather sedentary. 

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