Friday, August 27, 2010

fresh air

When I opened the front door to let the dog out so he could fetch the morning paper, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that the humidity had dropped and the air was cool. What welcome relief after the sticky and hot air we've dealt with over the past several weeks.

I found one of the books I had my eye on in our book store stocking closet. I've borrowed it to read and will return it next week. I found the other title in the library.

The library book, "The Late, Lamented Molly Marx" by Sally Koslow, was an easy and enjoyable read.  Molly Marx has died and left behind her beloved 4 year old daughter, a philandering husband and an assortment of family and friends.  As Molly exists now in the "Duration" she watches as they grieve and she revisits pivotal moments in her life, moments when her relationships, and how she dealt with people, steered her short and very human existence.  I enjoyed this novel. Koslow writes about flawed, lovable, normal people in an endearing yet realistic way. Nice.

Today, after the dog and I enjoy a stroll through the neighborhood, something we haven't done in way too long, I will begin reading "The Gargoyle."  Up next week is another attempt to get into "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." I heard from another avid reader who encouraged me to stick with the novel, it gets better.

Okay. Will do.  Enjoy Friday and the weekend!

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