Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I'm taking my medicine like a good little girl when lo and behold I have a reaction to one of the pills. Whoa. Cue the hives....all over my shins. Yikes. I start drinking glass after glass of water and take a benedryl. Within an hour the hives are gone, thank goodness as that itching was straight from the depths of hell itself.  I make a call to the doctor, the nurse calls back with instructions to discontinue taking that pill, stay on the antibiotic and flush my system with as much water as I can drink. Okay, I can do that.

Well, within five hours I was feeling better than I have in days.  This morning I feel even better. The chest tightness I've been having is almost gone....hmmmm, the cure was making me sick. Lovely.

I now know I have an allergy to guifenisen, the ingredient in Mucinex.  Not only do I get a rash, but I think it also was causing some swelling in my throat/bronchial tubes.  Live and Learn.  I've never had a reaction to medication before. I would imagine that I still have some of the chemicals in my body, but am guessing with lots of water today, I will be clean of them by tomorrow. 

I did manage, once I started to feel somewhat better yesterday, to make it to Aldi and get a few groceries. The kids will keep me around for a while I guess. They were threatening mutiny if I didn't get some food in the house.  Today I need to hit Target for printer cartridges and Schnucks for the things I don't buy at Aldi, like meat.

Then it will be home to rest.....and read....and watch more brainless TV. 

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