Wednesday, August 11, 2010

settling into a new routine

I am now child free one hour earlier than I've ever been with the youngest kid heading off to middle school. My free time yesterday flew by as it was filled with a variety of errands and household chores.  Not sure what today will bring once they all head out the door, but I did manage to start a new book last night and may just spend the day reading.

But first, I'm off to pour myself a cup of coffee and see if the paper has been delivered.  I wonder what sort of sauna we have going on outside today?  The girls didn't have soccer last night due to the heat index and I don't believe today is supposed to be any cooler.  I guess their weekend preseason friendlies may be called off due to the extreme heat.  And that, would be just fine with me.....wasn't looking forward to sitting on metal bleachers and roasting in the sun.

Happy 'hump' did Wednesday arrive already?

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