Monday, August 2, 2010

winding down and gearing up

Summer winds to a conclusion this week as we gear up for the new school year to begin a week from today. This wasn't the best summer we've ever had, but our week in Florida was a high point.  It was so nice to be able to take the kids to the beach and enjoy some time there on the gulf. 

Today I head off to the allergist with the youngest and hope that they can get his breathing situation resolved. We still have some back to school shopping to complete, but most of it is finished. We are going to wait for the tax free weekend to make those last few purchases.

I finished two books last week.  I had reserved the PC and Kristin Cast book "Burned" through our library. I read that and now the oldest has it and will most likely finish it in a few days.  It was so-so.  Some of the dialog was stilted. I didn't care for all the character hopping, but I don't think the author had a choice with the way the plot was developed.  I also read the second Robin Paige Victorian Mystery. Now, that story was actually better than the first book in the series.  I enjoyed the addition of Beatrix Potter to the mix. Very clever.

Not sure how much reading I will do this week even though I have to Aurora Teagarden mysteries from Charlaine Harris to read.  Maybe.

We have our first Friends meeting without Anne on Wednesday. I have to finalize the agenda and get ready for that.

I think that is it.  It will be a busy week and the weatherman has assured us it will be scorching hot. If we make it out to the pool, it will have to be early in the day. Too hot to swim. Now, that is hot.

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