Thursday, August 12, 2010

The People Of.... book series

I've been reading the early American historical fiction series from the husband and wife writing duo Kathleen O'Neal Gear and Michael Gear since their first novel was published way back when.  I enjoy the ancient history, the spirituality they infuse into their plots and the character development that drives the whole thing.  Their latest title focuses on the origins of the League of Iroqois, the five Indian nations who joined together in what could only be described as a democracy. "People of the Longhouse" is shorter than most of their other titles, but it packs a wallop.  However, if child endangerment stories bother you, don't read this story.

In other news.....I'm off to the doctor today for is nagging cough I have. I fear that the youngest has given me an infection of some sort and it has taken up residence in my lungs.  Lovely.  I'm hoping a course of antibiotics does the trick and I'm back to my energetic self by the weekend.

Still hotter than hot here. I'm ready for fall.

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