Wednesday, September 1, 2010

really good

I finished David Anderson's "The Gargoyle."  Really. Good. Read.  Here is the basic rundown: a drug addicted  porn actor/director drives his car off a cliff, suffers horrific burns and meets a woman while he is in the hospital who is convinced she was married to him in medieval Germany. She proceeds to tell him not only their 'story' but also the story of other lovers from across the world and in the process helps him to heal...on the inside.

It was a wonderfully written book and a gripping story.  Good Stuff.

Friends of the Library meeting today and then a soccer game tonight. The oldest ended up playing yesterday for the other JV squad. The mix of girls from the two squads proved formidable and we won 4-0. I so wish they'd ditch this idea of two teams and just let these girls play together. There is a dynamic from last year that has been lost with the divisions they instituted. The girls know it. The parents know it. UGH.


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