Thursday, August 5, 2010

the last hurrah

Our Friends meeting went well yesterday. I managed to speak about Anne and not tear up. I knew if I started down that path, it wouldn't be good:)  So, I explained what the flowers were for, I set a trio of yellow roses in her favorite spot, we had a moment of silence to honor her memory and then got down to business.  Smooth meeting, no problems, no issues.  And we were adjourned by 1:45.  Nice.

I did pick up three books while I was at the library. I borrowed the next two books in the Victorian Mystery series and also checked out the latest from the husband and wife duo of the Gears about early Americans.  Yea!! 

I also met the latest YA library associate. The gal who replaced me quit earlier in the summer.  I put a lot of emphasis on first impressions. I usually get a gut reaction to people and my internal radar isn't wrong very often.  I'll be shocked if this woman lasts two months.  The librarian who introduced us told her I'd been the first YA person after the library split from the city system. She thought I was her immediate predecessor. I explained that I was the person before that and  I was the one who started the Teen Board.  She looked totally perplexed about that and asked if that 'worked'.....hmmmmm. Let me think, "YES"!  Not only does it work, but it is needed.  Of course we always had our best applicants for the TAB during the summer and they have done zero about asking for applications to serve over the past two months. So, all of the hard work I put in and the other YA gal put in is going to be lost. Not happy. I need to think on how to proceed, but I may be plopping myself down in the director's office and discussing that situation. Who knows, it may be today! The more I think about it, the more angry I get. Never a good sign with me.

Last night was a bit rough.  The youngest had headaches and nausea; not sure if it is a 'bug' or if it is the sinuses draining or what. But, he got sick and was feeling quite nasty for about 2 hours.  He took a short nap and felt better. Whew. Hope that is past and he can continue to mend.  I'd like to be able to take him out on Saturday for a last 'hurrah' of summer. Hope he feels better by then.

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