Monday, August 16, 2010


Feeling sick is trying my patience, but I need to try and have a somewhat normal day today. Meaning, I need to get to the grocery store and buy food for the pantry.  I managed to get the laundry caught up yesterday and the kids along with hubby cleaned for me Saturday.

So, all in all, the household stuff is in decent shape, but I do need to restock.

We knocked out our high school soccer volunteer commitments over the weekend. Five shifts covered and done. Yeah!  I helped on two, hubby picked up the rest.  Not too hard to sit and take gate money....and we even had a breeze yesterday to keep the air temp tolerable.  We also covered a shift for a friend and she is going to cover a volunteer shift we have to complete on Thursday for the club season.  Worked out great!

Lots of resting, fluids, TV all weekend long while I was home.  I do feel better this morning, but this has been slow going. Usually with those mega antibiotics, I'm up and ready to go within 24 hours. Not this time. Ugh.

So, I have my 'job' to do today and a book to finish reading. I think I'm all caught up watching every possible TV show I'm even remotely interested in, so I may have to resort to watching movies streamed via Netflix to keep myself entertained if I continue to feel lethargic.

Nothing else to report from this to drink more coffee, get ready for the kids to start waking and moving towards school, and hubby to head off to work.  Yep, it is Monday.

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