Tuesday, August 3, 2010

too damn early

I woke up way too early today and know already that a catnap this afternoon will be a must.  The appointment with the allergist went okay. Arrived at 8 and finally walked out of the office at 11. Oh yeah. Final verdict is a sinus infection, caused by allergies, three weeks of major antibiotics followed up by a recheck in 6 weeks for a second CT scan to make sure the sinus cavities are clean and then we begin the allergy shot scenario.  In the meantime we get to gut his room, empty it out, rip out carpet, lay hardwood etc, etc, etc.....Hubby and I know the drill as we dealt with the same garbage as children.  Oh Joy.

In between nurses popping in and out of our exam room, I did manage to read a few pages of "Last Scene Dead" by Charlaine Harris.  Gosh can this woman create characters.  Some writers are all about the twisty plots, and she does a fine job there too, but her writing is character driven. Love it.

The allergy boy is reading "The Hobbit" and I read a few pages aloud to him yesterday to help pass the time and keep his mind occupied while they administered tests and medicines.  He is enjoying the story so far.

Hotter than Hades. Good thing I have more work than I can handle inside the house.

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