Thursday, August 26, 2010

a regular thursday

Looks like I might have a normal Thursday this week. I plan on going to the Library and helping stock the store as I normally like to do on this day of the week. I've been absent for three weeks due to a variety of issues, the main one feeling ill for the past two Thursdays. I look forward to being back in the stocking closet and putting books on the store shelves.

I finished the final Percy Jackson book we had here at home.  We only own books 1-4 in the series as number 5 hadn't come out in paperback when the first four were gifted to us. I may search out number 5 at the library along with two other titles I've been thinking about reading.  I tried a page or two of the Larsson book again and my head just isn't into that type of story at the moment.

A quick stop at the store to get a few essentials and then I'm bound for home, hopefully with books in hand and a smile on my face.

Because tonight the older two darlings get recognized for their academic achievements from the past school year....and I need to be in good cheering and clapping form for that special event.

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