Friday, March 13, 2009

spring break dead ahead

As soon as the youngest hits the front porch this afternoon, spring break will be officially underway. For the first several days we will have an extra 'body' in the house. The neighbor's greyhound is hanging out with us while they travel to Texas. We also have four soccer games over the weekend since the oldest is playing in a local tournament. Beyond those two 'events,' I'm not sure what else we are doing.

Some possibilities are......going to the movies; taking a nature hike, having a picnic, working in the flower beds, spring cleaning the house and going bowling. Of course, the weather will impact a lot of what we will or will not do over the next week.

I'm hoping for some sunny and warm days. I'd like to sit outside with a good book, a tall glass of lemonade and soak up some much needed vitamin D.


Anne's BLOG said...

Ah...Spring Break. The words have such a lovely sound. I hope the "spring" part will hold true while you proceed with all your outdoor plans. Be sure to hike the beautiful boardwalk at Johnson Park, all the way to the Wolf River. It's awesome.

Kim Smith said...

This is why I hate working at my job so much. I miss having days where I can sit outside and just breathe if I need to. These days, I need it a lot.