Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Not sure if this link will work or not, but it is an interesting point of view from a librarian about the Kindle and Sony Reader devices.

Worth a read.....

Our local newspaper recently laid off several staff members who I will miss. One was the editorial cartoonist, Bill Day. Cartoonists are a special breed. What takes writers paragraphs and paragraphs to get across, they can illustrate with one drawing. He never ceased to irritate the far right leaning conservatives in the region and he always made you THINK. I'm very sad to see him leaving the paper. Several others were let go as well including a writer who covered the arts and did excellent reviews of restaurants and such.

What does this mean for our local paper and for our access to differing view points and information? It means that once again the road to knowledge is narrowed and our ability to learn from different angles is hindered. This saddens me as so many people don't take the time or perhaps even have the ability to search out information and educate themselves. Ultimately it means people do not understand the importance of knowing why journalism must thrive in order for our democracy to flourish.


Anne's BLOG said...

The Link works, and that article is definitely Worth the Read.

Your comments are worth reading as well. I hope you will send them to the Letters to the Editor of the paper in question. Economics notwithstanding, that newspaper has made some grevious decisions.

Liz said...

I'll leave the letters to the editor to your hubby, he has a real flair for it!

Anonymous said...

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