Monday, March 16, 2009


Here are three totally mismatched thoughts for the day.

"Hood" by Stephen Lawhead is a wonderfully crafted book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this take on the Robin Hood legend. Set in Wales and the Marches during the reign of William the "Red," it explores the very familiar tale and brings new life to the characters of Robin, Marian, Friar Tuck and Little John. I'm looking forward to going to the library today and getting the second and third books in this trilogy.

Is personal privacy becoming a thing of the past? Do you realize that with all the cell phones out there that your photo can be taken and published by anyone at anytime? Hubby and I had an interesting conversation that spun out of a discussion he had with some of the other soccer dads about spring break in Florida, the escapades of college kids, and how so much has changed. You can't leave anything behind you these all is documented, by someone. The conversation was initially prompted by an interview we watched with Michael Phelps and the photo of him smoking pot. Any stupid mistake a kid makes, and they will make them, can be caught on camera and distributed to the world. Pretty heavy stuff when you stop and think about it.

Now that the teams have been picked for the Big Dance, I have to go through and pick my winners for the bracket pools. This is one of my favorite times of the sporting to watching my kids play soccer. Which, by the way, I enjoyed for the entire weekend. Four games in two days is a bit much....they had mixed success. Won one, lost two and tied one. They should have one the last game, just couldn't find the back of the goal after three amazing opportunities. The oldest had a good tournament and my washing machine had a good workout rinsing away lots of sand and dirt from all the slide tackles and diving stops she made either on the field or in the goal.

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Go team! Tigers rule!