Thursday, March 12, 2009

new twists on robin hood

I browsed the new fiction shelf at the library late last week and came home with several new books. I also found a book, third in a series, that looked intriguing and prompted a visit to the regular stacks to search out books one and two. I was excited and pleasantly surprised to find that the library had those titles as well. Since I already had an armful of titles, I only checked out the first book.

The book is "Hood" by Stephen Lawhead. I've read most of Lawhead's other titles and really enjoy his writing and his story telling. This book is about Robin Hood...but with Lawhead's characteristic historical twist on the tale. I read about a fourth of the book yesterday and look forward to reading more today. This tale's Hood is a Welshman who is the heir apparent to a 'kingdom' just given away by William the Conqueror to one of his Norman lords. Lawhead has included other Robin Hood characters like Marian, Friar Tuck and Little John.

I'm always amazed when a writer can take a well loved tale peopled with very familiar characters and inject new life, history and drama. What was old is now all new again!!! I love it.

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Kim Smith said...

Gosh I have had ideas of writing something like this myself. I always shake my head and say no way, it's a major research nightmare, so haven't given in to the urge.