Friday, March 6, 2009

friday recap

Some weeks it is best to just focus your efforts on maintaining the status quo. The first week of the month is that sort of week with all the Library-Friends events that happen plus the normal family-kid activity events on the schedule.

I have a special treat lined up for myself on Sunday. I'm going to escape to B&N and meet my buddy Kim for coffee and conversation. We've been trying to get together since before Christmas and I have high hopes that Sunday will give us the chance to sit and visit for a good amount of time. I can't wait to hear all the exciting things she is doing with her book(s), promotions, blog-radio show etc.

Still haven't made any more progress in the Mona Lisa book, but perhaps today, after I clean the house, I can carve out some time to read.

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Anne's BLOG said...

Your Sunday rendevous sounds good. My friend took me (just me) out to dinner Wednesday night - just so we'd have a chance to catch up. It was really nice.