Monday, March 2, 2009


I've read a fair amount of Biblical fiction from the likes of Anita Diamant, Orson Scott Card, Marek Halter etc. Some are better than others, but all show the bias of the author's own religious beliefs, which is only natural and to be expected. The interpretation of the Bible is big business....if you haven't figured that out already.

Elissa Elliott's debut novel, "Eve" is about the first woman...yes, that Eve. The story isn't just told from her point of view. We also see the world through the eyes of her three daughters. Elliott does a great job of bringing these characters to life and endowing them with very real and gritty human emotions. The Adam and Eve story already has conflict, Elliott enhances it and makes it even more approachable and human.

She takes the reader into the Garden, gives them the experience of the Fall, the expulsion, the survival experience that ensues. She shows us the relationships between Adam, Eve and their children and Elohim (God). She takes a well known story and adds depth, layers and complexity.

Good read.

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